Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hello guys! :)

I'm back. Mora is back. I am back to the good old Mora. The hardcore, heartless, strong, brave, patient and bold me. No more tears from this girl for absolutely useless reasons. I have other things to worry about, I have my family to take care of. I am exhausted. So it wouldn't do me any justice if I cry over a bunch of douche bags in love right?

If there was a graph of my life, this period of time is where the line goes downhill every single day. I have to take the responsibility to do almost everything in the house. Forget about appreciation, none of my siblings have offered to help. As a matter of fact, they took advantage of me. Just because I'm usually doing all the chores, whenever its not done they scolded me. Great.

Is this how my life is gonna be? Do I have to bare with the fact that I will always be taken advantage of by lazy-ass people? I am just counting down to the days that I get to finally get out of this place. That is if I ever get to. Chances are, I couldn't even pursue my dreams and ambitions in order to take care of everything and everyone at home.

It is tiring. Really. To always live up to everyone's expectation. And having none of them really on my side.

And they thought I'm selfish? Cool.