Monday, January 13, 2014


Most of my form 6 friends are working and earning a luxurious pay at their respective jobs. Some do admin work at offices, clinic, factory; some are shopkeepers, waiters, sandwich artist, barista and bookstore helpers in various malls here. I salute their commitment to their job, working even on weekends, school hols and public hols.

Frankly speaking, I don't earn that much. I only work 4 days per week, I have the weekends and public holidays off. I earn a very small amount of cash. It's not that I'm too lazy or I don't need money or whatnot. Some people might label me "banyaknya free time kau".

Nope. Trust me, I don't.

Commitments. Responsibilities. House chores. It really is all on me. Both my parents are working full time. And I have a younger sister who is still in high school. Aside from my current part time job, I also do all the laundry, dishes, prepare meals (breakfast and lunch), fetch my sister back from school/tuition/koko and then only I go to work. Sometimes during the weekends I tutor my sister in Chemistry, Physics and Add Maths (which honestly dah karat :P).

I barely eat any proper meals lately. Exhibit A: I haven't had any rice today. So yeah. Esok cuti. Good night! :D