Monday, January 13, 2014

New tutor in town!

Hello guys!

I am in the mood to update about my new part-time job.

As you guys might know or not (depending on which stalker level you are :P), I have taken up a new job at Kumon Center. At first it was all confusing and complicated. The system, I mean. For the record, I've never took classes in Kumon before, hence the culture shock. Haha.

But after a while (inclusive of detailed step-by-step task description by fellow workmates, chains of annoying inquiries from me and 3 days of work), I finally got the groove. So, to summarize my whole-day job:

Cleaning the place, packing homework and class work to students, mark maths papers of various levels and attend students (check their homework, mark their class work, help with corrections etc.). Compared to my old job, this new job of mine is waaayyyy more fun :D

I prefer handling kids rather than adults especially in this elite area. I mean, if you know me really well, you'll know for sure that I enjoy tutoring students. I get to practice my English because most of them don't understand Malay; and no matter how tired I am, these kids never fail to make me smile :)

Kids are innocent creatures, transparent and full of curiosity, active and playful and just adorable! Although some of them might be quite hard to handle and gets distracted pretty easily, but hey, at least they're cute you know? Haha :D

So yeah, that's about it so far :3