Saturday, January 25, 2014


I'm going through so much pain; physically, mentally, emotionally.

At home, I don't talk much. I hate rows and arguments especially when it involves my own flesh and blood. So I just keep my mouth shut most of the time. The pain, the hurt; I take it all in.

"In the end everyone's gonna hurt you,
you just need to find someone who's worth the pain."

That quote. You might believe it. Because I did, at first. I kept the pain to myself and I hid it with smiles and laughs that I gave to people. I thought it was possible. I mean, why hurt many hearts right?

Until that night that I couldn't take it anymore. There was no more space in my heart for another cut. Neither this post nor that night had a good ending to it.

So yeah, alright it's 4.15 am, I'm gonna try to sleep.