Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have never had a very very long holiday like this. Just so you know, I just finished my STPM in SMK SSAAS, Sect 2 Shah Alam. I had my final test on the first week of November 2013. It's currently 30th Jan 2014 which means there's only a day left before February takes place.

I feel so lifeless.

I wake up everyday thinking, is this it? What am I gonna do with my life?

I don't have any fun fancy part time job. All of the part time jobs that I've done revolved around books, school, teaching and students. Primary school library assistant, school bookshop assistant, tutor sessions for classmates and Kumon assistant.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against my jobs. I gained a lot of experiences and skills that are not taught in school. PR skill, teaching skill, communicative skill and some data management as well.

All I'm saying is that I am bored. I don't like to wait this long. Results will be out in mid March this year and UPU results soon after which is alright. The problem is, even if we got offered into any local unis, the intake would be in SEPTEMBER 2014. Perghhhhh lama dia!

Skrg pun dah bosan oiiiii! Nov 13- Sept 14, that's almost a year. And it's only January right now. 8 months of underpaid part time job to go...

P/s Dulu after SPM terus pergi PLKN 3 months so tak rasa lama sangat.
Pp/s Good night guys.