Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It just hit me that I don't fit in any of the "dream woman" criteria that all normal guys adore.

Guys like fair, petite, flawless girls who have soft sweet voices, girls with good sense of humor, ayu, sopan-santun, not-so-independent, cute, great smile, awesome cooking skills, yada yada yada... The list goes on and on.

Not really surprising that that long endless list is basically the exact opposite of myself. Hmm interesting...

But oh well, I am really thankful of what Allah has given me; perfect senses and good health. I am ever so grateful to be born normal. 

As far as the saying goes, "Kalau dah jodoh takkan ke mana", I believe that it takes the right guy to want a "non-ideal-woman" like me. Good luck! :D