Thursday, December 5, 2013

Really bad

Whaddup peepss! It's your girl, Mora here to fulfill my promise "yesterday" (refer earlier post entitled Clumsayy).

So it is Thursday today! Alright, so as you guys already know, or you don't, I have started working part time at my former primary school bookshop since 2nd Dec. It's a 9am-3pm job every Monday to Saturday (yeap, SATURDAY guys) for this whole month of December. Basically, I sell books for the upcoming school session year, 2014.

Having no competitors at all which means working in a monopoly business for a very big and elite school is a tough job. I have worked there last December, and it was surprisingly really fun! And that is exactly why I wanted to take on the same job this year.

Let me tell you this, if it wasn't for the sake of me being productive rather than hibernating at home, I would've quit my part time job right now. Oh it's bad. Really bad.

No rest, no break, no lunch, 9 to 3 straight, lifting hundreds of books everyday, climbing mountains of books (literally), entertaining very demanding customer, having to deal with heartless manager and annoying colleague and making money more to the company rather than myself.

My body is aching really bad from the workload and of course from the incident where 2 levels of bookshelves (with +-50 books) fell perpendicularly on top of my head; and you know what, it has only been 3 days at work..

I took a leave today because I'm annoyed and exhausted. I'll be going back to work tomorrow. Wish me luck! And hopefully I'll get a better job in January.