Thursday, December 5, 2013

My reviews

So, cuti2 ni I've watched a few great movies. Here are my reviews;

This movie is really interesting because it shows that love isn't about finding the perfect guy who pass all the criteria in your checklist. Instead, the perfect relationship is having two people who complete each other. This movie is not really heavy, thus it's perfect to watch if you just wanna chill and relax after a hard day at work/school :) Love the heroin, hero was fine and simple story line.

 This movie was recently aired on Diva Universal Channel. It has a superb story line. So they (pic above) were best friends since the age of 6. So she generously let him stay in her house after graduation until he (college dropout) got himself back on his feet again. 7 years later he was still staying at her place. He wasn't pleased when he got to know that she was proposed by her boyfriend. Until... he found out about a common law.
So, if you're curious of what happened next, you should definitely watch this movie. I love the hero, not so much on the heroin and overall story was awesome :D

 A Lot Like Love.
This movie is very deep. Some people might not like it because they couldn't understand it, but me personally, I find it really awesome! Well, considering the fact that I adore Ashton Kutcher, this movie was fantastic! Haha :P It was assembled according to chronology, thus you can see the changes they've been going through along the years. Nevertheless, Ashton remains really adorable ;)

Okay, so the poster might look like this is a very inappropriate movie, but believe me, it moved my heart so much and among all the movies that I've watched this week, this was the only one that I cried to. 

The title says it all, Blind Dating. So the main actor, Chris Pine, is a blind guy trying to find true love. Everybody around him told him that he's very good-looking, but he didn't seem to believe that they honestly thought so. He thought that they only said it out of sympathy due to him being visually impaired.

He took the risk to be the "lab-rat" to test this microchip that could make him see again. To know the rest, you'll have to watch it yourself :) Chris Pine is just too charming and adorable, I love love love him :DD
P/s the heroin is not even included in the movie poster hahaha odd..

Alright then, good night and happy holidays! :)