Saturday, November 23, 2013

Perfect day so far

So today, 23rd of Nov 2013, my evening brought me to a wedding reception at SS6 (near Paradigm Mall). A function made to celebrate the newly weds which in this particular case was my mum's workmate's son's wedding. Haa kau gituu. It was fun, the hall was very nice and the food was also very satisfying.

And then, later at night, we went to my youngest cousin, Shereen's birthday party at KFC Subang Parade. She's already 5! :D Weeeee congratulations! Long way to go kiddo :) Anyways, everyone was there; all 3 of my uncles, my aunts, my cousins, my cousins' cousins, their family and their friends. Despite the fact that my eardrum was about to explode due to the kids' screams and shouts, I enjoyed it very much.

Treated Ieka to a Chatime drink because that's the least I could do to congratulate her and as a farewell gift for her. She'll be going to a politeknik at Sabak Bernam two days from now. She will be busy and I will be busy as well. Hopefully we will get the chance to hang out again soon! Good luck over there, dear cous. I'll pray for your well beings always :)

The peak of my night was when I saw this one guy holding a little boy in his arms while I was getting some ice-cream at McD. Let me tell you this, I found my ideal guy! MasyaAllah, indahnya ciptaan Allah :) He had big eyes that looks as if he was wearing eyeliner around it, fair and smooth skin, tall (taller than me, at least), great sense of style and haircut that seems like he just walked out of a saloon, very slick and clean. And bonus, dingdingding! He's good with babies, skilled and warm and very lovely.

What more can a girl ask for?

Too good to be true.