Thursday, November 28, 2013

BBQ at Reza's

Wahh ramai dah rakan-rakan blogger yg mula aktif. Daebak!

So let me update on my recent activities.

Alright, let's start with the BBQ party I attended last Monday. It was held by our juniors at Reza's house in conjunction with the ending of Sem 1 exam. Weee *applause* Tahniah! Anywaysss, it was a great party at an incredibly huge mansion. The food was great, hospitality was good and everybody was definitely entertained! Then bila dah malam ada sesi mencampak orang dalam swimming pool. Haha sabo je la. So saya pun beransur pulang lah :p lagipun tak elok balik lewat malam. After sending off Razny and Filzah to their respective homes, I drove straight to me casa (house).

 From left; Mira, Elvi, Anura, Husna, Kelly, Mora, Razny, Aina and Filzah. (And of course the boys are Reza's younger bros)

Bromance, swimming, nice dinner.

Pleasant night :)