Monday, October 21, 2013


Tore and torn

All of this is changing me. But I'm not quite sure if its towards the better or for worse. I'm afraid I'm never gonna be me anymore. I'm afraid I'm gonna give up. Give up life. Give up on love. Or worse, go back to steel, tissue and blood again.


P/s Losing weight. Consuming junks instead of real healthy food. Because who the heck cares.


You lied.

You told me I was gonna be okay.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Well, people always say, "Kalau tak suka tak payah baca."

Tak kira lah apa pun, blog ke, tweet ke, fb ke, whatsapp ke.

And to be honest, I kinda got annoyed by your style of writing.

Well I'm not asking you to stop. Keep doing whatever that makes you happy. Maybe that's your only medium to share your stories. Go ahead.

I just find myself not interested to read it. So I left :) No hard feelings alright?


P/s penat tengok hang meroyan.



Have you ever felt too hurt that no tears can be shed anymore? Painful. Cut too deep down.

I have no regrets. You were my first. First love. First heartbreak.

Now I'm just gonna leave. Because I believe you'll be perfectly fine without me standing in your way.

These wounds will heal eventually.

And I want you to be happy. I hope you'll find someone who can make you happy, unlike me.

Nothing like me.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yeah man


Being in Form 6 itself, even though baru sekejap, has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. Lessons to be used throughout my whole life.

  1. Not everybody is pleased with your success.
  2. People are constantly trying to bring other people down.
  3. Life is a competition.
  4. You won't always be appreciated for your deeds to others.
  5. Some people are just unworthy of your help.
  6. Some people needs to be slapped on the face by reality.
  7. You've got to work for your success.
  8. Attitude separates one successful person from another.
  9. Sometimes, you've gotta be selfish for your own good.
  10. Friends? Think again.
Thank you guys, for teaching me heck a lot :)

My Aidiladha

Assalamualaikum readers!

Okay I know I know, dah lama tak update blog. Sorrayy. I've been too busy enjoying life lately. Haha!


So, semalam raya korban. Tahun ni Mora tak diberi peluang untuk solat sunat aidiladha :'( Tapi takpe, all in all, it was still a wonderful day :D Went to Razny's house in Saujana Putra. Makan ketupat nasi dgn ayam goreng, sambal sotong and daging (Y) And melawat bilik Razny, purplelicious gitu! Kelas kau Razny :P

After that, I went direct to my nenek saudara's house in Putrajaya. Ramai relatives ada dkt sana, so sangat meriah :D Makan tak payah cerita la. Macam-macam ada. Laksa, lemang, kuey tiow, pelbagai jenis rendang (5 jenis rasanya :O) and snacks (oat crunch and biscotti!). Got the chance to see (finally see) Aunty Rina's daughter, MIA :D She's sooooo adorableeee :*

Later on, we went to Ieka's house in Putra Heights. My second home. Haha :P Suka hati je declare. Had mee kari and various desserts there. This house memang famous with their dessert corner. Jelly bandung, rainbow cake and carrot cake (made by Ieka herself), candies, biscuits and chocolates. Uh-Ma-Zinggg!

After that, balik rumah. Surprisingly balik quite early sbb esoknya (today) sekolah kan. Boooo!

P/s katanya ada test Pengajian Am hari ni, iyo lah sangat~