Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hujan oh hujan!

It was raining very very super heavily this whole morning. I could barely see the road, pretty dangerous really.

Due to parking my car outside (as any other day), my umbrella apparently didn't really do much.

My shoes and socks were totally soaked. I had to dry them off under the fan. *embarrassing muchhh* Thank you Anis for lending me your flip flops! Really appreciate it :D

Oh and also my school bag was also soaked. Kebetulan hari ni ada all 4 subjects, so all 4 books basah lenjun. Ada yang terkoyak :'( Dugaan hari ni MasyaAllah. Kertas-kertas apatah lagi, ada yg terpaksa buang. Tsk tsk >_< Extreme coldness the whole day. Sbb baju and kain mmg totally basah and nak tunggu kering tu berabad. Duduk pulak betul2 bawah kipas. Cantik.

Praying for tomorrow's weather to be much better than today. Amin.

P/s What do want from me tummy?! -.- Why are you growling in the middle of the night? I ain't care, you'll have to wait till tomorrow. And that's final!

Alright, nanights!