Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Berani ye kau

Ingat lagi tak post Mora about that dude yang kata nama dia Burhan prank call pagi2 tu? Kalau tak ingat, sila rujuk post2 terdahulu ye.

Haaa, anyways, last Sunday something like that happened again.

It was 5.16 am when my phone rang. The first thing in my head was, "Who on Earth wakes up this early on a friggin' weekend?!" The caller's name didn't appear on my screen but in my state of half-consciousness, I simply answered my phone.

Me: Hello. (sleepy tone habiss)
Him: Hello Mora!
Me: Siapa ni?
Him: You tak save nombor I? Sampai hati you.
Me: Ni siapa?
Him: I simpan nombor you sampai sekarang. Kenapa you tak save nombor I Mora?
Me: Ey cepatlah, ni siapa?!
Him: Sudah la, ni Syazwan. Bye.

*tuttutututut* Call disconnected.

I know what's in your minds. But it was not "HIM". It was just another prank caller that I seriously didn't recognize his voice at all. And maybe even somebody I never met or know before.

Berani betul eh prank callers out there!!! URGHHHH!! Just please, stop disturbing my sleep.

P/s where the heck korang dapat my phone number pun sebenarnya?