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Alhamdulillah :)

Annoyed level: Infinity

To be honest, you are annoying.

Chill. Orang lain bercinta jugak weh.

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Harus Terpisah

Currently on constant replay. Amazing voice!

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Special shout out to MORAZANA

This post goes to my best friends, MORAZANA. Thank you guys for being there for me through my ups and downs. We have too much memories together that I doubt I am ever going to forget. I love every single one of you with your own awesome attitudes :D Korang lah karaoke box, laughing box, lunch box dan macam-macam lagi. But most importantly, you guys have made my life very pleasant and joyous :D

May God bless you with good health and wealth always and forever till the end of time :)

No words can describe how lucky I am to have them as my friends :)

Jamuan Raya SSAAS 2013

So basically last Saturday, we had sekolah ganti. And on that day, our school has held a jamuan raya SSAAS seperti tahun-tahun lepas juga. It was so much fun! Tak semeriah last year tapi with my awesome friends, kemeriahan tu tetap ada :D Here are some pictures of the event. Lets check it out!

Post kali ni, ada tema sikit :P hahaha taknak kalah. 
So let's start with FAMILY PHOTOS!

This is us :) Standing from left: Syafiq, Fidzry, Rifdi, Elvi, Anis, Isam, Medi, Loga Bruno, Filzah. Sitting from left: Anura, Ben, Mora & Izzat.
I shall name this photo The Easy-Going Out-Goers :D Because they are all very easy-going and fun to hang out with. Very very awesome people :D

Next is The Ladies! Top left: Fatin, Aina, Afina, Lily, Anis, Filzah, IBU, Fatimah, Mora, Anura, Alina. Bottom left: Elvi, Mira, Kelly.
These are my gorgeous girlfriends who are constantly very hardworking and helpful :*

The Camera Alerts! Haha why such name? Well mainly because geng ni lah yang pantang nampak camera, terus ready berposing. These lovelies are very sporting and will always remember to give out their brightest smiles :)

The Sixers' Jammers! These awesome guys are my Form 6 band mates. We're all amateurs, but we're working our best to improve ourselves from time to time :D Do support us! Hihi.
From left: Fidzry (Drum sessionist), Izzat (Bassist), Mora (Drummer), Syafiq (Lead Guitarist), Danial (Rhythm), Isam (Vocalist)

MORAZANA! These girls are my favorites :* We have had loads of awesome memories together and I am very sure that I will look through all our pictures and smile to myself reminiscing it in the future ;)

Next, we have TRIO PHOTOS!

Nawww, future family aminnnn :D P/s Happy Belated Birthday Husna!

Sannur le junior :)

Mantan presiden Halim dan Anura yang jelita!
P/s Sedap Halim menyanyi T_T Rasa goosebumps part high note! You nailed it bro!

Next is DUOS!

AH MORA & AH BEN! Teman Mora makan sama-sama :D The bestttt (Y) Kawan yang sangat setia. #respect. P/s sorry Ben lupa bawakkan butang baju melayu yg ben pesan :/ Forgetful Mora is forgetful -.-"

Haaa this is Anura. Yeap yeap, sangat menawan. Jaga diri baik-baik Anura :D Haha. Love youuu!

Ini Isam. The holder of the key to 6AB. Hahaha. Selagi dia tak sampai, kami duduk melangut la dkt luar awal pagi. Thanks bro. Oh and get well soon!

This is Izzat :D What a coincidence dari jamuan raya tahun lepas lagi baju sama warna. Hahaha. Sorry sesiapa yang berkenaan. Haha :P This guy is very responsible and trustworthy. Campak lah apa-apa tugas, he will get it done the best that he could. #makinharimakinkurus. #selangor.

Introducing, my bestie, Medina Khairul yang sangat adorable :* 

She is my backbone in everything. I'm glad Allah pertemukan kita, Medi :') Stay awesome Med, with your cheerful and sporting attitude, I am very sure you will go far in your life :) Aminnn.

Alright, until the next post! Hope you guys enjoyed it :D

Monday, August 19, 2013

Convoy Part 2

Okay so here are the pictures from our second convoy Raya last Saturday :)

First was Aina's house. She's the one wearing purple in the middle :) I couldn't join her openhouse because I had to settle some officially annoying and troublesome stuff at PKNS that morning. But I believe it must've been AWESOME :D

Next was Izzat's! From left; Mine, Azim, Rifdi, Fidzry, Syafiq, Halim and Din.

Sedap nasi minyak (Y) From left: Razny, Mira, Aina, MORA, Elvi, Anura and Filzah!

Gadis-gadis jelita (except me).

Abang-abang besar. Haha. Oh btw, 2 dari kiri, kemeja bunga2 tu tuan rumahnya, Izzat Shairi :D Thanks Izzat, terbaik!


Next rumah Redio :) Best layan movie and adik Redio (the one wearing that pink dress) yang sangat2 adorable *cair* Oh and Redio yang first dari kanan. Macho kan? :P

A picture tells a thousand words right :)

Seterusnya ke rumah Elvi :D Laksa penang dia perghh... Two thumbs up (Y)(Y) Thanks a lot Elvi. Dah pandai eh skrg matching2 baju, kalah kita you alls :P

Nampak kehausan di situ. Haha.

Sama cantik sama padan. I mean him and the bike la :P

Last but not least, rumah Syazwan Ghani :) P/s Razny makin hari makin berseri gitu :D

Rumah yang sangat istimewa hahaha. Mendalam makna dia ;)

We had a lot of fun! Can't wait for the next convoy :D

Good night. Assalamualaikum.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Convoy Part 1

Okay so biasalah, seperti tahun lepas, time raya my form 6 friends akan ajak berkonvoi ramai-ramai. So here are some pictures of the first convoy we had.

First was Farah's house :) Delicious mac & cheese! :D

Us :)

Haa yang baju pink tu lah tuan rumah :D Thanks Farah!

Next rumah Isam pulak. Mee Kari gitu (Y) Thanks a lot!

3 jejaka muscular (?)

Last house was Lily's! :D Best borak2 dgn adik kesayanganku sorang ni :* 

Menu Lily: Nasi Minyak, Spaghetti & Keropok Lekor Ganu. Terbaik!

Posing before balik~

Mcm gaduh :P Discussing the next convoy before heading our separate ways home :)

So that was our First Convoy for Eid 2013 :D

Stay tune for more!

Eid 2013


Maaf andai ada tersilap tulis dalam blog saya yang tak seberapa ni atau ada "ter"buat sesiapa terasa. Kadang-kadang ter, kadang-kadang sengaja. HAHA XD Faham-faham je lah ye.

So this year, my first and second day of Eid was celebrated at Machang, Kelantan. It was fun there although I could only understand less than half of whatever they said. Haha but still, the food was AH-MAH-ZINGGG! My grandmother whom I call Mek just so happen to be the best cook in that whole kampung.

So our Raya dishes in Kelantan was Nasi Dagang with Ikan Tongkol, Ketupat with Manisan and Tapai Daun Getah. Haaa all traditional and most importantly homemade :) #Respect. The second day of Raya, we went to a Kenduri Aqiqah and had the most SCRUMPTIOUS gulai kambing everrrr (cooked by Mek as well). Haa kampung tu kawasan Mek kita tauuu :D hahaha.

Lepas Kelantan, travel pula ke kampung sebelah ibundaku in Taiping, Perak. Signature dish by my nenek Rendang All-In (Nama rekaanku semata-mata muahaha) and my atuk's Lemang :D Fuhh sedap (Y) Yang specialnya my nenek punya rendang is because she cook every part of the cow sekaligus; daging, limpa, hati and paru all in. Tiada tandingan :D

Snapped a lot of photos tapi tak di-transfer lagi so below are a few pictures that I could share with you guys. Pictures were taken during our Open House masa dekat Taiping. Kiranya I was one of the host la. So, enjoy!

Kasut-kasut tetamu yang hadir. Haaa ramai tak ramai?

Menu:  Mee Kari :D

And also Ayam Penyet and Gado-Gado.

Antara tetamu yang hadir :)

Haha bouncer 3 orang depan rumah :P From left: Brother, Cousin, Uncle.

1/4 of our big family :D

Saturday, August 17, 2013

MPPPU Sixers of SSAAS 2013

So before Raya holidays we had like a photo shoot for the school magazine. So here are some of it :)

Seniors (Spot me :D)


Le juniors.

Our gorgeous teachers :)

F.6 (I'm at the end of the number 6) Haha!

#Baju Korporat #HitamPink.