Thursday, July 11, 2013

Officially done

So today, I'm officially free :D Resigned from my post as Vice President MPPPU.

Satisfied with the new AJK. Hopefully they'll do an amazing job.

So, some of my friends told me that sem 2 result will be out tomorrow (12 Jul) but it's already an hour past 12 and macam krikkrik je. So, I did a little Google-ing and found out from someone's blog that result for sem 2 will be out next Monday. So kiranya Sunday after 12 am can try check (if tak traffic jam lah web tu).

Thus, my hope is of course to get better pointer than my first sem. And also same goes to my form 6 friends. Keep calm and pray for the best, okay?

As for now, I'm off to bed. Don't wanna be stuck in traffic jam anymore tomorrow.

Mood: I've had enough of jams *grrrrr

Good night :)