Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My bestie!

This is Nur Medina. My best friend :)

Since the first day I saw her, I knew that she will be an awesome friend of mine. And she proved me right :D I have been through ups and lots and lots of downs as well, but nevertheless she was always there for me. Celebrating my happiness and comforting me when I'm down. She is my motivator who is always reminding me to think positively and to look at the bright side of things.

She's a cheerful person, out-going and joyous.She cracks me up all the time. Make silly jokes which never fails to make me laugh like an excited seal. HAHA :D On top of that she is also a great leader, hardworking and always on-the-go. I salute to her undying commitment towards her duties. I could have not made it through if it wasn't for her being there by my side. The one I would consult for opinions and suggestions.

A little shout out to Medina who I 101% believe will be reading this sooner or later;
Congratulations Med on your success in 2nd Sem :) I'm so proud of you! Thank you for constantly helping me, from the tiniest, smallest things like accompanying me to the bathroom to bigger things like motivating me and lifting my spirit when I'm down. You are a great friend, an awesome student, a wonderful leader and an AMAZING person!

Be confident in yourself. Motivate yourself as well the way you motivated others. If you have any problems, you know I'm always here for you right? But if you don't wanna share them with me, it's alright. But don't push it too hard on yourself. It's normal that we feel depressed sometimes but don't let that feeling conquer the best of you. I love you Med! And I believe so does everybody :*