Thursday, June 27, 2013


My life hadn't been very nice lately.

First and foremost, we were told that our 2nd Semester results will come out in JULY? Are you friggin' kidding me? Impressive examiners, that was indeed very fast.

Then there's Hari Sukan. Due to the recent HAZE crisis in our country, my school was closed for 3 days. All of us are expecting Hari Sukan to be postponed to another date but guess what, they maintained the date. But NOT the venue. From Sect 13 stadium to school field. Major disappointment. So much for a "memorable" last "School Sports Day" of my life.

Well, as if it's not disappointing enough, the school canceled the theme, cheer team and perbarisan will not be judged. PERFECT. I was supposed to be in charge in choreographing for pasukan sorak. And I have actually created and practiced half of the steps. Haihhh. Seriously frustrating.

Then, there's home. A place where I'm supposed to be relaxing, releasing my stress and changing negative energy to positive ones. But to be honest, home just doesn't feel that way anymore, well at least not lately.

P/s Bukan nak mengeluh, sekadar berkongsi perasaan. Maaf kalau tak suka :/