Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Bonsoir everybody~

A thousand apologies to my dear readers for not updating my blog since last week. I've been really busy (I bet you've grown tired of this sentence by now heh). But no, I'm dead serious, I've been SUPER busy with stuff.

What stuff? Well, to start off there's tons of school stuff to settle including homeworks, studying, meetings, preparing for public speaking and managing haunted house and food stalls for our Hari Keusahawanan. Then of course, there's domestic household stuff; chores, running errands, buying lunch and dinner, fetching my sister and all those kind of stuff. 

The only time that I actually have for myself had been spent on gym sessions and mainly resting.

What do I do on my spare time?

Well, I would gladly answer to that question IF ONLY I EVER HAD ANY SPARE TIME THESE PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS -.-

And today, I had my Pre-U District Level Public Speaking Competition. I prepared. And I gave it my best shot. I didn't won but it was an excellent experience :) Congratulations to the winners! You guys were AWESOME (Y) Totally deserved it :)

Tomorrow is gonna be our Hari Keusahawanan. One of the biggest activity that we had to handle every year is the Haunted House. Been really busy throughout this week preparing for the big day tomorrow. So hopefully everything will go well and may we reach our target sales goal! :D Amin.

Bonne nuit :)