Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy bee

Well, unsurprisingly, as soon as school started, events are all chasing us like a dog. We had an unexpected meeting by the end of today to discuss about our upcoming event. We also had our Econs test. How was it? Mmmphh. Is it really a test if hampir everybody tiru? Hmm, I wonder.

So basically, we have a few events lined up so far.

1. Public Speaking Competition
2. Hari Keusahawanan
3. Karnival Sukan Pra-U
4. Bowling Tournament
5. Hari Sukan
 6. Lawatan Pra-U

All that (SO FAR) alongside 2 big assignments, MUET test in July and our Third Sem Exam early November. Keep calm and enjoy the ride! ;)