Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bowl bowl~

Halfway through MPPPU's Final Bowling Tournament I decided to tanya khabar my teacher who was sitting alone doing some reading. Saja la kan nak manis mulut :D

Teacher: So, Mora, dah berapa strike?
Me: Kosong. Hahaha :D
Teacher: Serious? :O
Me: Serious la teacher.
Teacher: Oh.

Me: I'm always very ceria and excited, I think that's why you thought I dah banyak strike :P
Teacher: HAHAHA!

Conclusion is, Denash won! Congratulations dude! And also well done to the other winners! You guys are awesome bowlers :D And Izzat did a good job in organizing (Y) Last MPPPU bowling game FTW! :P