Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of 2nd Sem


AS FREE AS A CAT :D Or a bird? Or maybe even both :D


So basically, STPM second semester is over. First paper was on Tuesday, Pengajian Am. Lots of dramas :O Lots of tears, heartbreaks. But it's all behind us now.

On Wednesday, we had our Perniagaan paper. As usual, the time given was never enough. NEVAH. And NEVAHMIND.

Last day, which was today, we sat for our Economy and History paper. Econs was okay, at least the time given was relevant (finally something good) whereas for Sejarah, Alhamdulillah yang di target (spot soalan sendiri, sadis) masuk dalam exam :D

Bak kata Uncle Azmi, kalau yang kita baca tak keluar, kitalah yang keluar. Keluar dari dewan.

Haha nice one uncle (Y)

Whatever, exam's over! :DDD Now time for 2 weeks of school holidays. By holidays, I'm referring to 2 days of extra econs class and babysitting my 15 year old sister...

G R E A T. Just great.