Tuesday, May 28, 2013


On Monday, I attended Economy class at school from 9 until 10.10am.

Then had lunch with my dearest Mohd Syazwan Ghani at kedai soto Seksyen 8. Thank you awak :*

Terserempak with my classmate, Shahrul who worked part-time there. Nice (Y)

 Today's activity weren't so much different from yesterday. I attended Economy class from 8-10 and then pengajian perniagaan class from 10-11.30am. After that, went to grab lunch for my sister and I. Had Subways today! YAYYYYYYY!

Balik rumah, tergolek tidur, had a bad headache. Then, woke up at 4.30pm, decided to hit the gym. Oh and just so you know, I've signed up as a member at a gym in Section 13 called Curves. What's great about this particular gym is that, it's a woman-only gym! Nice kan? So takdalah segan sangat nak exercise. Hihi.

I'm determined to get fit and live a healthier life! :D Today's session was nice, ignoring the fact that I wasn't feeling very well. Good workouts (Y)

And that brings us to this current moment. At the moment, I'm patiently waiting for my dad to come home from work and bring us our dinner. I AM STARVING!