Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly bowling

 Roods! :D

Ah Ben :)

Isam was really distracting me -.- 

Freakshow :D

Sahabat selamanya :D

So last Wednesday evening, we had our weekly bowling tournament. It was fun! I was in Group 1 with Isam, Fidzry and Shahrul. They were really awesome to be with, I was greatly entertained by their randomness.

First thing first, it's been the fourth week that I attended bowling and out of 4 times, only ONCE, I repeat, ONCE that they spelled my name correct.
First week- MYRA
2nd week- MIERA
3rd week- MORA (finally correct!)
4th week (this week)- MARA.

I was searching for my name in the screen of Lane 1. And when I saw MARA, I memang rasa nak MARAH. Hahaha. Then I called the president of MPPPU Bowling Club, Izzat.

Me: Izzat, dah 4 kali Mora datang bowling, nama asyik salah je. Merajuklah macam ni...
Izzat: *tengok screen* Oh sorry sorry! Tulis dekat kertas tu dah memang betul Mora tp tak tau kenapa diorang key-in salah.

Okay maybe my name pelik kut. (Tapi rasanya MARA lagi pelik kut). Haha, whatever lah kan.

First balingan of the week, STRIKE! :D HAHAHAHA XD Second, third, forth time spare :DDDD 

By the end of the match I got a total score of 181. Biasa je la. For 2 rounds, quite bad jugak lah kan. Ahha. I had a good time, that's good enough :)