Friday, April 19, 2013


Today was Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan SMK SSAAS yang ke-33. Alhamdulillah syukur, I was awarded as the best student for first semester aliran kemanusiaan. Berkat doa ibu bapa, bimbingan guru-guru and semangat from kawan-kawan :D They are the best (Y)

And also, congratulations to Ben Hur as the best student first sem aliran sains! Thanks for being a great friend of mine :D 

My greatest and biggest respect goes to my senior, Shazani as the Tokoh Pelajar 2012. You totally deserved it! Your academic and co-curricular achievements are undoubtedly amazing, your leadership skills and most importantly your budi bahasa and sopan-santun. Congratulations on the award! :) I'm gonna take you as an idol to achieve my dreams!

My mum came to school just now and I hope I made her proud :') Thanks mum, for everything :*

I'm determined to improve myself for the better!
Sila berikan tunjuk ajar ye semua? :)