Friday, April 12, 2013

Parents out, granny in for the week.

What else have been going on this week? Hmmmm. Oh yeah.

So, from Monday until Thursday, my parents had to work outstation (Pahang). My grandmother was the one who took care of us siblings (Y) And I was basically the transporter for my little sister to and back from school. It was tiring because I had to rush from my school in Section 2 to Bukit Jelutong which without traffic jam, would take me around 20 minutes to get there.

So, throughout this week, in order to ensure my sister arrives on time (not too early nor too late), I ended up coming to school late everyday. Late as in VERY late. It felt bad. Haha. But I don't blame her, i blame the SUPER BAD traffic jam. Imagine, if you start your journey even 5 minutes late than how you usually do, it will take you double the usual duration to get to school. Last Wednesday, I started driving at around 6.45am and only managed to arrive at 8am. 

But despite the transportation problem, it was fun staying with my granny. Usually, in the morning, there wouldn't be any breakfast for us and I had to buy my own lunch but with my granny around, she cooked good food for us every single day on every single meal :D Cheers for le awesome grandma (Y) Thank you for taking care of us and putting up with our kerenah yang pelbagai dan amat tidak menyenangkan. Haha. We are your grandchildren and proud to be one :D