Monday, April 15, 2013


Hello Monday!

I arrived at school very early today. Take that! Haha :P (Puas hati hoyeah). The school's PA system was being really crappy during our assembly just now -.- Well basically the highlight of today was the Econs test and the surprise Listening test. Huge relief was the fact that I'm done with Viva. My classmates said I was overly hyperactive today. I don't think so but jika tiada angin masa kan pokok bergoyang ye dok? Haha poetic gitu. Meletops!

And then once the last school bell rang, I was feeling all jumpy and excited to go for lunch with my Syazwan :D Weeee! We had Tat Nasi Ayam on his treat yeayyyy! Had an awesome time with him :) Beautiful lunch date indeed :3