Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marshmallows marshmallows, chocolate-dipped marshmallows!

Today we had Carnival Bahasa in school. We opened a stall under MPPPU, selling chocolate-dipped marshmallows and fruits. Alhamdulillah, sales very good since tak banyak gerai. Students ramai, so they had no other choice lah kan. Haha.

Lapar betul tadi. Makanan memang tak cukup. But ignoring the grumbling growl of my tummy, I decided to do a manicure :P Hahaha. It was a stall opened under Pusat Sumber Sekolah. Basically asah kuku je lah. RM 6, not so expensive for a lazy person like me. Haha. Nak asah sendiri malas. Can't get my eyes off my shining watery-like nails :P

Pictures will be uploaded soon, so be sure to check it out later :)

Thank you to all the MPPPU members who have worked really hard at our stall today :) You guys did a good job :D Especially Anis as the leader, Aina, Sana, Ben as the treasurer, Medi, Redio, the promoters (Rifdi, Ajim, Fidzry, Izzat, Din, Shahrul, Jamuna and Kana) for working really hard in the hot sun and to all that have helped directly or indirectly towards our success :) My appreciation goes out to you guys!

Job well done~