Friday, April 12, 2013

Highlights of the day!

Okay so today, I introduced Ben to a game that I play on my mobile phone. Hahaha. It's called Hotel Story. And towards the end of school day today, I got to know that Razny also played that game! :D Hahahaha, so we were all excited about it, trying to add each other and stuff :P Hahaha childish us is childish! Weeee :D

Oh and today, I decided to chill and watch a movie online. I was randomly searching for some good movies on Youtube and I found this one movie from 2002 entitled The Hot Chick. I watched it until the end and had a great laugh sorang-sorang macam orang tak betul. Haha. It was a movie about this famous cheerleader who had a perfect life accidentally switched bodies with this one mugger and screwed up man. It was a great movie, fun, hilarious and it also taught me a few great lessons :) And my mouth was watering when I saw this guy acting as the heroin's boyfriend:

 He's Matthew Lawrence and he is the perfect idea of an ideal quarterback/jock :D

Okayyyyyy, enough of this hottie. Next hightlight of my day today is reading Elvi's blog! She just got started with her own blog and I've seen and read her blog today. It was awesome! :D It felt great to have more people joining and actively posting on their blogs. That can only mean I have more things to read! :D Welcome to the blogging "industry", Elvi!