Friday, April 26, 2013

A small taste of freedom

So finally, trials for second semester is over. Econs was surprisingly okay, sejarah was hard, as expected and business studies was as usual, very bad. Haha.

But it's over now. So, time to partayyyy!!! Haha, not really though. Our actual STPM second semester exam will be on the 20th until 23rd of May. So, Mora, I think now is the perfect time to START STUDYING.

Things have not been so great at school. Lots of activities in line waiting to be completed. Sekolah ganti tomorrow, on a Saturday *sigh. We'll be opening up a stall in conjunction with the Karnival Bahasa tomorrow. We'll be selling chocolate-dipped marshmallow. Hopefully, we can gain double the $$ for our MPPPU.

Next week, bengkel MUET will be held at my school on next Monday and Tuesday. At the same time, pentaksir PBS will come and select 10 candidates to present their VIVA again in front of him/her. Hoping to NOT be chosen please! Amin~

Okaylah, till next time. Bye.