Sunday, March 31, 2013

We're freak at times ;)

Last night, my uncle's family and my family went for dinner at a restaurant in Section 13. The food was a so-so. The only good thing about that restaurant is that they showed the live football match between Sunderland -MU in which MU won 1-0 scored by RVP :) Weee! GGMU :D

The highlight of the night was us partying to a stranger's birthday party celebration.

Well, the restaurant next to the one we were in held a birthday party celebration for this one kid. It was quite a big party. And they started karaoke-ing to lots of songs. UNTIL they played this one particular song.


Ieka, Afiq, my brother, my sister and I stood up; made one long line and literally danced to the chorus of that song. IN THE MIDDLE OF A PARK DIRECTLY FACING TO THE PARTY! 

Hahahahahahahahahahaha XD

Then we quickly ran off from that place and went back to our respective cars looking all innocent infront of our parents :P Hahaha! Good times, a very good time with le cousins :)