Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mora's comeback


Oh my God! I miss blogging so much!!!!!!!



Okay so tomorrow school's gonna start after almost 10 days of school holidays. I do not know what happen to time but it seems to travel pretty fast. One moment I was all "Okay, there's plenty of time. I'll take a few days to rest before I start studying and finishing all my work." and before I know it, esok dah sekolah?!?!?!

Oh great. Just great.

So, I bet you guys wanted to know what I spent my holidays doing right? *keningkening*

 Okay maybe korang taknak tau pun, but I'm still gonna tell. Muahaha.

Anyways, the first day of hols I just stayed at home doing nothing. Chilling~ The second day I went out with my man, SG :D:D:D:D:D Yayyyyy! We went to Cathay Cineplex and watched Olympus Has Fallen. I thought I wouldn't gonna even understand it but guess what, I LOVED IT! It was an intelligent movie. Two thumbs up from me (Y)(Y) You guys should totally watch it! Then we went to Ikea and had meatballs for lunch :D It was the best day and the main highlight of my holiday.

Weeeeee me love my SG :)

The next day, which was Monday until Wednesday, my uncle's family, my mum, my sister and I went back to our hometown in Perak. It was an awesome family road-trip. We went to Bagan Dato, Lumut and then Taiping. We had variety of food, lots of laugh and so much fun :)

And to be honest, that's all that I did during this school holiday. Well, not much but I had a great time!