Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Highlight of my Tuesday

Heyya everyone :)

Hightlights of my day today was 2 major things.
First was MUET presentation by Rifdi, Halim and Ajim about CGI effects in movies. They started off by showing us scenes from several different movies. The coolest was the collapsing bridge scene in Final Destination 5. I'm impressed by how good the actors and actresses are in imagining although all they could see was green screen everywhere.

Their reactions and eye-contact were perfect. Well, that's exactly why they ended up acting in big films. Dingdingding, talented people alert!

Overall, they did an interesting presentation, not boring at all which is awesome. GOOD JOB peeps! :)

Second highlight was a series of statements by this one particular girl in a social-networking site complaining and cursing about how bad we were treating her and how she was isolated in class. HELLO sistah, if only you try to fit in, you wont feel ignored that much don't you think?

Everybody in this world has their own problems, some worse than yours. But the only thing that differentiate a person with the other is by how good they are in managing those problems. We take you as a friend, but you spit on our backs. What did you think that made us felt like?

I'm sorry but to be honest, I'm not gonna care whatever your decision might be after this.

With that kind of attitude, hah, good luck in life.