Sunday, March 31, 2013


We're freak at times ;)

Last night, my uncle's family and my family went for dinner at a restaurant in Section 13. The food was a so-so. The only good thing about that restaurant is that they showed the live football match between Sunderland -MU in which MU won 1-0 scored by RVP :) Weee! GGMU :D

The highlight of the night was us partying to a stranger's birthday party celebration.

Well, the restaurant next to the one we were in held a birthday party celebration for this one kid. It was quite a big party. And they started karaoke-ing to lots of songs. UNTIL they played this one particular song.


Ieka, Afiq, my brother, my sister and I stood up; made one long line and literally danced to the chorus of that song. IN THE MIDDLE OF A PARK DIRECTLY FACING TO THE PARTY! 

Hahahahahahahahahahaha XD

Then we quickly ran off from that place and went back to our respective cars looking all innocent infront of our parents :P Hahaha! Good times, a very good time with le cousins :)

Mora's comeback


Oh my God! I miss blogging so much!!!!!!!



Okay so tomorrow school's gonna start after almost 10 days of school holidays. I do not know what happen to time but it seems to travel pretty fast. One moment I was all "Okay, there's plenty of time. I'll take a few days to rest before I start studying and finishing all my work." and before I know it, esok dah sekolah?!?!?!

Oh great. Just great.

So, I bet you guys wanted to know what I spent my holidays doing right? *keningkening*

 Okay maybe korang taknak tau pun, but I'm still gonna tell. Muahaha.

Anyways, the first day of hols I just stayed at home doing nothing. Chilling~ The second day I went out with my man, SG :D:D:D:D:D Yayyyyy! We went to Cathay Cineplex and watched Olympus Has Fallen. I thought I wouldn't gonna even understand it but guess what, I LOVED IT! It was an intelligent movie. Two thumbs up from me (Y)(Y) You guys should totally watch it! Then we went to Ikea and had meatballs for lunch :D It was the best day and the main highlight of my holiday.

Weeeeee me love my SG :)

The next day, which was Monday until Wednesday, my uncle's family, my mum, my sister and I went back to our hometown in Perak. It was an awesome family road-trip. We went to Bagan Dato, Lumut and then Taiping. We had variety of food, lots of laugh and so much fun :)

And to be honest, that's all that I did during this school holiday. Well, not much but I had a great time! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I need you.

Somebody save me from this nightmare I'm living in.

Hopefully lah

School holidays are back!

Cuti seminggu but our teachers gave us a lifetime worth of homeworks. I shall slowly get it done and ensure that I spend my holidays productively.

Result :O

Maafkan saya pembaca-pembaca sekalian kerana telah lama tidak mengemaskini blog.

So, semester 1 results apparently went out on 12am, 21st March 2013. I knew nothing of it until I reached school where a few of my friends congratulated me. Alhamdulillah, it was okay hihi :D Whatever it was, it sure motivated me for this second semester (Y)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rindu my SG

Siang malam termimpi-mimpi,
Pagi petang tercari-cari,
Tiap saat ternanti-nanti,
Kau masih tiada di sisi.
-PESAWAT, Mirage-

Results week~

It felt nice to get to see our seniors during their results day yesterday. All of them smiled widely regardless of whatever their results were.

Congratulations Shazani, Best Student STPM SMKSSAAS with a new record of 3.42 pointer beating last year's best student! Wohooo! :D Hard work and perseverance, that is the price to pay. Good job Shaz ! :D

Our results would be on this coming Thursday, the same date as SPM results. But we would have to check ours online after 12 in the afternoon. So, I think the nervousness wouldn't be that bad kut. KUT la. Haha.

Anyways, pray for the best. If tak okay, we can always repeat. So yeah. Okay. Sama-samalah kita menunggu ye? ;)

Highlight of my Tuesday

Heyya everyone :)

Hightlights of my day today was 2 major things.
First was MUET presentation by Rifdi, Halim and Ajim about CGI effects in movies. They started off by showing us scenes from several different movies. The coolest was the collapsing bridge scene in Final Destination 5. I'm impressed by how good the actors and actresses are in imagining although all they could see was green screen everywhere.

Their reactions and eye-contact were perfect. Well, that's exactly why they ended up acting in big films. Dingdingding, talented people alert!

Overall, they did an interesting presentation, not boring at all which is awesome. GOOD JOB peeps! :)

Second highlight was a series of statements by this one particular girl in a social-networking site complaining and cursing about how bad we were treating her and how she was isolated in class. HELLO sistah, if only you try to fit in, you wont feel ignored that much don't you think?

Everybody in this world has their own problems, some worse than yours. But the only thing that differentiate a person with the other is by how good they are in managing those problems. We take you as a friend, but you spit on our backs. What did you think that made us felt like?

I'm sorry but to be honest, I'm not gonna care whatever your decision might be after this.

With that kind of attitude, hah, good luck in life.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not perfect, but I'm the best me.


Tonight is a bittersweet night for me. I have this one question wandering in my head for such a long time now. Why is there always a bad return everytime I'm having a great time? Can't they just let me be happy for at least the time being?

I'm feeling so depressed to the level that I'm starting to not care about what they're gonna say. I did not do anything wrong. I know that. I'm having a good time. I'm growing up. I've been putting my greatest effort in everything I do. Do they even understand how exhausted my brain is?

If they do, I don't think they would add to the already tall pile. Complaint. Is that all that they can do?

Am I problematic?
Or are they just not understanding?
Either way it hurts.


Potluck today went well, Alhamdulillah. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the event. We did a good job!

And Wan came just now. Hihihihihihihi. So happy to get to see him after 2 weeks. Rindu :3

Kelly ni -.-

A scene with Kelly.

Kelly: Adat merisik tu macam mana?
Me: Merisik tu parents pihak lelaki akan tanya cam bunga di taman sudah dipetik ke?
Kelly: Kenapa mesti bunga? Tak boleh ke rumput ke? Pokok ru ke?
Medi: Kalau rumput kena tebaslah~ :P
Me: Aduh Kelly -.-' Takkan nak tanya "pokok ru di taman dah ditebang buat pokok Christmas ke belum?" Silap2 kena penampar dgn bapak perempuan.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Half a year :*

You are every reason, every hope and every dream I've ever had.
And no matter what happens to us in the future,
Everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life.
- The Notebook.
P/s I love and miss you, SG :)

Sinetron sangat

Ramai yang heart attack hari ni :P Lepas rehat dah macam ada Sinetron dalam kelas. HAHAHA! Berebut anak, cucu, menantu semua ada.

Ni Mora ada pesanan sikit la dekat seseorang. Siapa makan cili dialah rasa pedasnya:
Bro, ada tujuan kita buat PERBINCANGAN. Nama pun discussion, bincang la. Orang bagi cadangan, idea, take into consideration la. Semua orang nak bantu kau, tapi kau tak sudi terima bantuan orang. Tujuan kitorg just to make your life easier, nak simplify things for you but if you refuse to accept it, then fine, whatever. BE IT.

And kalau tak puas hati sangat pun, tak payah cerita satu dunia dkt Twitter. Bincang baik2. Jangan cepat melatah bro. Nanti susah nak hidup. So sekarang, kau buatlah ikut suka kau.


Kursus Kepimpinan at school~

Our teacher sent Halim, Ben and I to attend a Kursus Kepimpinan at school last Saturday. It was held for all pemegang2 jawatan tertinggi for each club. The kursus started off by teaching us how to prepare a proposal. Then, they divided us into 10 teams consisting of 3 to 4 clubs each. We were placed into a group consisting of MPPPU (Us), Pandu Puteri, Kelab Maths & Sains and Kelab Bola Sepak.

We were assigned to come up with an activity and build a proposal for it. After almost 15 minutes of brainstorming, we agreed to do a proposal on Karnival Sukan. We spent 1 whole hour to complete the proposal and Halim & I presented it infront of the whole audience.

After 10 groups have presented, the MC announced the winner. After she has told the winners for third and second place, my hopes were very low. I mean like, what are the odds of us winning over 10 other groups? And then when the MC announced us as the winner, I screamed on top of my lungs :P Excited gituu~

Alhamdulillah, kerjasama semua orang membuahkan hasil (Y) Weeee! Tak sia-sia datang sekolah hari Sabtu. Haha :P 

March Test


Sudah tiba masanya untuk bersihkan sawang-sawang dkt blog ni. Hahaha :P It has been almost a week since I last updated my blog. To be purely honest with you guys, I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER in my life that I felt so busy before. To the extend that I don't even have time to blog :O

Okay so I'm going to update about the hightlight of my week. Last Monday until Wednesday we had our March Test on all 5 papers including MUET. Sejarah was surprisingly not so bad haha :P It's my "favourite" subject of all okay~ PP was quite hard mainly because of the limited time given for us to answer. PA was a HORROR! I didn't managed to complete my graph and I did not know what I answered in Section A. So yeahhhh, I know what to least expect on the results.

Economy was being economy. Hard as always, tricky and confusing. The objective questions were Alhamdulillah quite easy but the quantitative questions were trying to pick a fight with me. Haha. Lastly, MUET, reading test. We've been blessed with only having to answer objective questions :P It was alright, thankfully :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Biarlah tidak indah di mata manusia,
Asalkan indah di mata Allah S.W.T.


Never think you're nothing. Never tell yourself you'll never be good enough. Because to me, you're everything :)