Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tired, exhausted, stressed out

This whole week has been very very stressful for us. Let me list out the reasons:

  1. PBS deadlines are getting closer and our progress are not going anywhere anytime soon T_T Everytime I handed in my proposal, there will still be something not right that I'd have to repair. Up till today, I've sent my proposal 4 times but yet there's still mistakes and corrections to be made.
  2. Homeworks! Oh I'm telling you, our homeworks are piling up to a tower. Alhamdulillah, so far I've been trying to settle my homeworks on the spot but still, it's very exhausting.
  3. March Test :O:O:O Guess what?! It's this coming Monday! Hoorayyyy..... And I haven't studied a thing yet. Naisss (Y)
  4. The school band is killing the heck out of us. Okay, I understand that they need to practice for their upcoming competition, but do they really have to do it INFRONT OF OUR CLASS? I don't blame them, but it does affect our studies.
So yeah, basically my brain's are counting time to explode. Do pray for the best for me.

Good night!