Thursday, February 7, 2013

MPPPU Bowling Club

So, last Wednesday, we had our weekly bowling game.


 The brongs. Siva, 3rd from left, best bowler of the week!

 2 orang yg mengalami mini heart attack that day :P

Beautiful girls :) 

Ajimbo aka Google Map Shah Alam 

Guru penasihat, Pn Rosilawati :D

It was fun that almost all the MPPU's gather around for the bowling match. It was our first match for this year. To everyone else, it might have been the best game for them but to me, it was among the worst. I mean, not that I ever played well before anyway, but it certainly wasn't my day. Maybe because I was very hungry.

I sneaked out from the bowling centre to search for food. Had nasi goreng kampung at a gerai infront of P.A.S. Yummmmmsyyyy, hot and spicy (Y) Impressive! I didn't realized that my friends, Rifdi, Ajim, Razny and Filzah were having a heart attack finding me. They thought I was kidnapped :P Haha! When I came back, all of them bashed me with endless questions.

"Mora pegi manaaaaa?"
"Kenapa tak bagitau?"
"Kitorang risau tau tak?!"

Dengan innocentnya Mora jawab,
"Mora pegi makan. Mora lapar..."

Weeee~ :D