Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last week's update

I'm sorry I've been very busy with life the whole week last week. So basically, I'm gonna wrap up about last week's activities.

MPPPU weekly bowling tournament was held last Wednesday. I showed quite a good improvement (Y) Weeeee! To be honest, bowling has never been very much to my liking. *Sigh* Despite of my lack of interest in bowling, my group consisting of Logesh, Filzah, Redio and I won THE BEST GROUP with the highest total score :D Hoyeahhhhh! Take that! Haha. And of course, I contributed the least to the group...

Okay enough about bowling.

Next highlight of last week was SMK SSAAS Roadrun! My rumah sukan ended up last. It doesn't matter, really. The most important thing is the fighting spirit we had! And we had so much fun, so all is well :) Congratulations to rumah Putra as the winner for the event! And to Wira, I'm proud of the patience you guys had. Chill, you guys are the first runner up! Me? Nahh, I was only the QM. Kinda awesome though, good experience.

Last but not least, acara mengecat kelas on last Saturday from 8am till 3.30pm. Our class is light blue now :D So pretty, it looked more spacious and peaceful than how it was before. Good job everybody! :) Reward yourselves with a round of applause :D