Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry

Everyone has the rights to live their own life, make their own decisions, choose their own paths.

I have been melted and compressed to fit into a mold that you have created for me. I turned out perfectly fine. I appeared perfectly fine according to the mold.

As I froze back into a solid, it's time to set me free. You knew that. You, of all people knew that very well.

However as I started to take my first step, your insecurities stopped me. I still fit the mold, even now. I constantly throw my happiness down the hill just to ensure yours would resurface from the depths of your hearts.

At some point, I found my own happiness. That joy I never felt. Nevertheless that appreciation I never thought existed upon me. I was blessed with his presence. It was the only thing that kept me persevering with life up till this very day.

As if envious of me, you wanna take it all away from me. My only happiness. I have never asked for anything more in life before. I have never claimed anything for what I've excelled in. And yet, you still want to grab it out of my hand, suck it out of my soul.

I was never taught how to lie. I was never taught how to not tell the truth. But because of you, who thought it's whats best for me; forced me into doing so.

And that is just pure sad.