Monday, February 11, 2013

Day well spent

Spent my day yesterday with my Syazwan Ghani :)

First thing in the morning, he brought me to a mamak stall for breakfast. I'm telling ya, I have never tasted roti canai as good as the one I had at that mamak. Two thumbs up from me (Y)(Y) Then, we went to Low Yatt in search for a new laptop~

As soon as we're done there, we went to The Gardens and watched "A Good Day To Die Hard" starring Bruce Willis. It was awesome! You guys should totally watch it :D Then after solat Zuhur, we had lunch at Secret Recipe. Deliciousoo!

Then we went window shopping. Stopped by Forever 21 and he bought me some accessories. Thank youuuuuuu sayang! :) And by the way, F21 is having a sale. So, girls, grab your chances ;) Then at around 5.20 we head home.

It was a great great day with my man. I love you SG :)