Thursday, February 28, 2013

Buah hati

Tired, exhausted, stressed out

This whole week has been very very stressful for us. Let me list out the reasons:

  1. PBS deadlines are getting closer and our progress are not going anywhere anytime soon T_T Everytime I handed in my proposal, there will still be something not right that I'd have to repair. Up till today, I've sent my proposal 4 times but yet there's still mistakes and corrections to be made.
  2. Homeworks! Oh I'm telling you, our homeworks are piling up to a tower. Alhamdulillah, so far I've been trying to settle my homeworks on the spot but still, it's very exhausting.
  3. March Test :O:O:O Guess what?! It's this coming Monday! Hoorayyyy..... And I haven't studied a thing yet. Naisss (Y)
  4. The school band is killing the heck out of us. Okay, I understand that they need to practice for their upcoming competition, but do they really have to do it INFRONT OF OUR CLASS? I don't blame them, but it does affect our studies.
So yeah, basically my brain's are counting time to explode. Do pray for the best for me.

Good night!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Missing you

I miss you a lot.

I can't wait to see you.

I hope you're doing fine there.

I hope you took care of yourself well.

And I hope you miss me too.

I love and miss you a lot more every second every day.

My MSG :)

Express, not to impress.

Lately, things have been changing significantly. For the better and for the worse.

I have something to let out of my chest. So I'm gonna say it here;

Treat others like how you'd like to be treated. Appreciate those who cared enough to lend a helping hand only for the sake of your own good. Don't take advantage of them just because they are accountable. Sometimes we tend to hurt other people's feelings with or without our notice. Don't call them your "FRIEND" unless you really think they are. Because it's the actions that determine whether what you said is really what you actually meant.



Last week's update

I'm sorry I've been very busy with life the whole week last week. So basically, I'm gonna wrap up about last week's activities.

MPPPU weekly bowling tournament was held last Wednesday. I showed quite a good improvement (Y) Weeeee! To be honest, bowling has never been very much to my liking. *Sigh* Despite of my lack of interest in bowling, my group consisting of Logesh, Filzah, Redio and I won THE BEST GROUP with the highest total score :D Hoyeahhhhh! Take that! Haha. And of course, I contributed the least to the group...

Okay enough about bowling.

Next highlight of last week was SMK SSAAS Roadrun! My rumah sukan ended up last. It doesn't matter, really. The most important thing is the fighting spirit we had! And we had so much fun, so all is well :) Congratulations to rumah Putra as the winner for the event! And to Wira, I'm proud of the patience you guys had. Chill, you guys are the first runner up! Me? Nahh, I was only the QM. Kinda awesome though, good experience.

Last but not least, acara mengecat kelas on last Saturday from 8am till 3.30pm. Our class is light blue now :D So pretty, it looked more spacious and peaceful than how it was before. Good job everybody! :) Reward yourselves with a round of applause :D

Sunday, February 24, 2013


If loving you means being together forever, I'm okay with that!

-SG :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yayyy, finally Medi updated her blog! Haha :P

Thank you for treating my friends well and for taking care of them when they needed it most :)

Good night SG.


Keikhlasan aku ni dipergunakan.

I'm sorry but you gotta save your own arse next time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Absolute gentleman

He waited for me the whole night. Waiting patiently for me to wake up. Although he himself was also very tired and sleepy. I felt so guilty afterwards but he said it was okay, he understood that I was tired. And that he'd wait for me even if it means that he wouldn't get to sleep at all.



The forum went well :) The students responded pretty good and the teachers said we did a great job :D That's satisfying enough for me. Hope the kids learnt something from the talk.

InsyaAllah, success is in their hands :)

On the same evening we had our weekly bowling match. 2 games yesterday and I got an average of 65 points. I know, I know. I'm bad at bowling. But my friends tried to help by giving me tips and teaching me how to bowl, so thanks :D

It was such a tiring day that at around 9.30pm I decided to take a 1 hour nap. I did woke up 1 hour later but directly went back to bed and woke up at 11pm. 5 minutes later I TER-slept again. OMG -.-" It sure was an exhausting day for me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exhausting day

It's sad how you didn't even try to help yourself. It's not about getting things done, it's about understanding it throughout the process.

Anywaysss, wish me luck for tomorrow! I was chosen by the school to enter a forum at SK Raja Muda. Hopefully everything goes well and the standard 6 students there will feel motivated after the forum :) Aminn~

Gonna sleep early today, it has been a very tiring day for me. After school, drive back home, then drive back to school, latihan rumah sukan, drive back home during peak hour, settle all my homeworks and tasks and finally the moment has arrived. Time to sleep! :D Haha excited :P

Gotta wake up early tomorrow. Alarm, don't fail me!

Good night :)

Hacker, MY hacker :)

I helplessly fell in love with you. Our feelings somehow intersected along the way. And everything went well ever since :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back on track


I planted a goal to make this holiday very productive. Guess what, I failed again. Hahaha :P Well, to sum up, all I did during this school hols was my homeworks, went on a family vacation, hung out with my lovely friends and the uttermost exciting, meeting my Syazwan :DDDD

My homeworks are all done, everything I need for school tomorrow are already prepared. So, it's time to hit the sack. For some of you readers, see ya tomorrow! And for the rest, good night! :)

Wish me luck waking up at dawn tomorrow. Don't wanna get stuck in traffic jam.


Saturday, February 16, 2013


And he's mine. So girls, I'm keeping my eyes on you.


Lately, my self esteem has been going down the drain. I know I'm not prettayy. But so what? At least I'm myself. I'm not hiding behind a splurge of synthetic colours. I'm so full of flaws.

This is me.

Holiday's gotta end somehow

Trip to Pahang was okay. My dad was working the whole 3 days. So, we just stayed wherever we were. But it was a good family time :)

Balik, baru kelam kabut fikir pasal homework, PBS apa semua. Oh God T_T Give me the strength to overcome this.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ada yg dah 19 :D

After the engagement was settled, we went to Noodle Station at SACC to celebrate Filzah's birthday :D

 Us all :)


Presents for Kak Pija :D 

Rifdi Amri, mastermind (Y) 

Syazwan Ghani 

Halim & Husna :) Aawwwww~

The birthday girl, Filzah Shaari. HAPPY 19TH! :)

Rombongan hoii

So, 2 days ago Halim, Wan, Husna, Filzah and I joined Rifdi's brother's rombongan meminang. It went well and they're officially engaged! Here are some pictures :)

 Last minute touch up.

Filzah, me and Husna :D
Pembawa hantaran Class A :P

 Bertunang sudah :)

Abang Rifdi with Krush(?) 

Us all :)

Day well spent

Spent my day yesterday with my Syazwan Ghani :)

First thing in the morning, he brought me to a mamak stall for breakfast. I'm telling ya, I have never tasted roti canai as good as the one I had at that mamak. Two thumbs up from me (Y)(Y) Then, we went to Low Yatt in search for a new laptop~

As soon as we're done there, we went to The Gardens and watched "A Good Day To Die Hard" starring Bruce Willis. It was awesome! You guys should totally watch it :D Then after solat Zuhur, we had lunch at Secret Recipe. Deliciousoo!

Then we went window shopping. Stopped by Forever 21 and he bought me some accessories. Thank youuuuuuu sayang! :) And by the way, F21 is having a sale. So, girls, grab your chances ;) Then at around 5.20 we head home.

It was a great great day with my man. I love you SG :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013


On a special day like this, I hope you'd spend the day with me.

But I know you had other plans. So it's okay.

I hope you're having fun travelling with your friends.

Happy Fifth.

Good night.

Friday, February 8, 2013



Got to go. Lots to settle.

Wonderful :)

Finally, holidays

Yayyyy, starting from tomorrow onwards, the Lunar New Year Holiday is on for more than a week! Finally I can get things sorted out. Weekends certainly weren't enough for me to be organized. So yeah, hopefully I can finish up all my work and studies early so that I can enjoy my free time :D I should consider going for a Thai massage, my body hurts. I'll think about it later~

Anywaysss, today I witnessed a man cry. It moved me that he felt sad to leave Form 6 :'( Good luck there, bro! Study well and may us all be successful in our own paths :D Thanks for all that you've done for MPPPU. Good job (Y)

P/s My SG balik today :DDDD Weeeeee!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Can't wait

 SG :)

Abang abang -.-

A scene with le brother.

Me: *cucuk plug iron*
Abang: Weh, kau buat apa tu?
Me: Cuci kapal terbang. Asal?
Abang: Ohoooo sarcatic ye.

HAHAHA tanya lagi soalan bernas :P

Pija pija aiyoo~

A scene with Filzah in class.

Me: Filzah, kita sekolah balik hari Isnin kan?
Filzah: Bukan lah. 18 haribulan.
Me: 18 haribulan hari apa?
Filzah: Isnin.

YE AH TU -.-"

MPPPU Bowling Club

So, last Wednesday, we had our weekly bowling game.


 The brongs. Siva, 3rd from left, best bowler of the week!

 2 orang yg mengalami mini heart attack that day :P

Beautiful girls :) 

Ajimbo aka Google Map Shah Alam 

Guru penasihat, Pn Rosilawati :D

It was fun that almost all the MPPU's gather around for the bowling match. It was our first match for this year. To everyone else, it might have been the best game for them but to me, it was among the worst. I mean, not that I ever played well before anyway, but it certainly wasn't my day. Maybe because I was very hungry.

I sneaked out from the bowling centre to search for food. Had nasi goreng kampung at a gerai infront of P.A.S. Yummmmmsyyyy, hot and spicy (Y) Impressive! I didn't realized that my friends, Rifdi, Ajim, Razny and Filzah were having a heart attack finding me. They thought I was kidnapped :P Haha! When I came back, all of them bashed me with endless questions.

"Mora pegi manaaaaa?"
"Kenapa tak bagitau?"
"Kitorang risau tau tak?!"

Dengan innocentnya Mora jawab,
"Mora pegi makan. Mora lapar..."

Weeee~ :D

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I was thankful with my life eventhough I don't have much back then.

But now I am thankful with my life because I have you. Having you means I have EVERYTHING I could have ever dreamt of :)


The most romantic thing I can think of is that to grow old with you together.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Survey Murvey

Found this survey entitled "Some Good Questions About You".
So yeah, enjoy :D

Have you ever made out in a bathroom?
Dang, no.

Do you think the last person you kissed is nice?
Yes, he's very nice. Well, my dad that is.

Crushing on anyone new?
Nope, my heart belongs to MSG :)

Last person you danced with?
My little sister. Random dancing~

Would you take any of your exes back?
I don't have one.

When is the last time you cried and why?
Last night. Private & Confidential.

Last text from?
Mama. Asking to sidai kain. Haha!

When was the last time you were so drunk you threw up?
Firstly, I have never drank before. Nevertheless throwing up afterwards.

What was the last movie you saw in theaters and with who?
Wreck It Ralph with Aino.

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
Nope. I'd keep moving forward.

What are your plans for this weekend?
It's gonna be a long school holiday but I haven't planned anything in particular.

Kissed someone in a vehicle?
Yeah, my mum.

Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
Yes:3 But don't tell anyone. It's top secret.

Last guy/girl who tried to hit on you?
I shall not answer this.

What's irritating you right now?
Never-ending PBS.

Is cheating ever okay?
Nope. Never.

Is there anyone you wish was still in your life?
My grandad perhaps. Didn't get the chance to see him.

Do you get distracted easily?
Outside, I'd say nope. But at home, all the time :D

What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Baca doa tidur.

Is this year the best year of your life?
It's only February now, so I don't wanna make early conclusions.

Do you have any strange phobias?
I am kind of claustrophobic :S

Do you give out second chances too easily?
Depending on the situation.

Are you jealous of someone?
Ermm, not really.

Do you have a best friend?
Of course I do. My RAZANA :)

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmsyzwnmmmmmmmmmm :p

Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend?
Go ask him :D

Are you involved with anyone?
I am in a relationship with this awesome guy :)

What item could you not go without during the day?
Specifically during the day, I'd say my sunblock.

Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
My dad's boss.

If we were to look in your phone inbox, what would we find?
Messages? -.-" Survey, what is wrong with you?

Do you love someone at the moment?
YES! Allah, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, my family, and my dearest Syazwan :D

Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass?
Yes, I'm very sure.

When did you last receive flowers?

Can you make yourself cry?

When is the next time you will kiss someone?
Tomorrow, before going to school. By my mum :)

Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor?
Yes, actually. At a clinic's bathroom floor.

What was the last reason you went to the Doctor for?
Accompanied my mum who's having a fever.

What can you not wait for?
The day I'm done with all my studies and can finally chill at home. MY OWN home with MY OWN husband and kids :)

It's a really long survey. Tu pun sebenarnya ada a few yg dah di-cut. Alright then, thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Selamat malam semua

Good night readers, followers, bloggers, earthlings, humans, homo sapiens, mammals, students, part-time workers, children, lovers, haters, stalkers, friends, families and basically EVERYONE :)


P/s Comel lah SG :3

Part time wedding planner :P

It's busy day today.

Went for breakfast with Rifdi and Wan at my favourite mamak. Then, went to study at the library with Rifdi, Ajim, Halim, Filzah, Aina and Medina. Met my junior, Nurin at the table just behind me. Then after Zuhur, Rifdi drove us to a DIY shop to search for hiasan dulang hantaran pertunangan his brother. Later on we head to his house to help gubah hantaran. At around 6.10pm, I head home.

Mandi, solat and fell asleep until 7.30pm.

Bangun, solat and siap-siap for dinner with le familia at TTDI Jaya. Had Nasi Mandy with lamb and chicken at an Arabic restaurant. Tambah 3 kali wooo :D Maklumlah, sehari tak makan. Kebuluran~ Hahaha :P

Ni baru dapat pulang merehatkan badan dan minda.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry

Everyone has the rights to live their own life, make their own decisions, choose their own paths.

I have been melted and compressed to fit into a mold that you have created for me. I turned out perfectly fine. I appeared perfectly fine according to the mold.

As I froze back into a solid, it's time to set me free. You knew that. You, of all people knew that very well.

However as I started to take my first step, your insecurities stopped me. I still fit the mold, even now. I constantly throw my happiness down the hill just to ensure yours would resurface from the depths of your hearts.

At some point, I found my own happiness. That joy I never felt. Nevertheless that appreciation I never thought existed upon me. I was blessed with his presence. It was the only thing that kept me persevering with life up till this very day.

As if envious of me, you wanna take it all away from me. My only happiness. I have never asked for anything more in life before. I have never claimed anything for what I've excelled in. And yet, you still want to grab it out of my hand, suck it out of my soul.

I was never taught how to lie. I was never taught how to not tell the truth. But because of you, who thought it's whats best for me; forced me into doing so.

And that is just pure sad.

February the first

First of February.

Beginning of the implimention of class fees.

And on the first day itself, our class bank has rose up pretty well. So sleepyheads, next time you wanna doze off in class, you might wanna think again.

20cents for sleeping in class per subject.

P/s I'll just pay RM1 and sleep the whole day in school, then :D Haha! Just kidding~

This new rule is actually quite good to prevent students from missing out in class (Y)