Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paint all the parking lots!

Hari mengecat parkir sekolah!

Nampak tak bahasa baku dia? :P

We were given a project by the school which is painting and repainting the teacher's parking lot. Started at around 8 am, I was the leader of Group 1. Our task was to repaint the parking space in front of the office block. Had some problems here and there (they forgot to bring the measuring tape?!?!) thus delaying the whole measuring task.

Halfway through I had to drive down to the hardware store in Section 7 to buy more paints. Credits to Azim Izany aka Google Map Shah Alam (:P) for guiding us to the shop.

By the time it reached 2pm, Pn Shereen asked us to start cleaning up and put our tools away. When Amirah Ibrahim and I were wrapping the paint brushes, rollers and pans with newspapers, it started to rain HEAVILY. We can't just leave it there, so we had to shower in the pouring rain. Yayyy!

Reached home at 2.45pm :) Tired but accomplished!