Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life is a drama

LONG day today.

Pagi-pagi lagi dah ada first meeting for MPPPU's Bowling Club. Congratulations Izzat, our president :D Then, we proceeded with class. As soon as the third period teacher entered the class, an incident occurred. So, me and a few classmates had to bring our friend to the nearby clinic. Hope she's okay :/

Then, we got back into class and continued studying. Our teacher let us out quite late. The moment I put my plate of nasi lemak on the table at the canteen, the bell rang. Recess was over. NICE. And as if I have ever cared, I continued eating my brunch :D

Then Sejarah presentation by Medi. I loved her presentation. Finally I actually UNDERSTAND something. Haha! Thanks Medi (Y) Later on we had Econs. Mind-twisting. After that, we had PBS Pengajian Am. By that time I was already as sleepy as a snorlax. ZZZZ.

And just when I thought the sufferrings were over, we had the MPPPU meeting. It was a quick one, thank God. Went home a.s.a.p to my comfy bed and finally got a chance to nap.

P/s So basically today was a tiring day indeed.