Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fun fun fun

A scene at Bilik Guru Form 6. The form 6 girls were told to masukkan telur rebus in the bunga telur.

I wont include their names in this conversation because of sensitive matters :P

A: Nak telur, bagi sini.
B: *tak dengar*
A: Nak telur, nak telur, nak telur.
B: Ohhhh *bagi a few telur*
B: Ish, kau ni kerja nak telur jeeee. Tak cukup2 ke? :P *double meaning*
A: Ala, bukan kau punya pun XD

Ni baru salah satu. Every conversation that involves the egg sounded very wrong and disturbing. And I was laughing hilariously throughout the whole bunga telur process. And that's why they thought I lost my mind :D Hahaha!