Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Halim, Rifdi, Ajim :)

Because we're cool liddat :D

Ouch Day!

Jari tersepit!

Ahhhhhh sakit teramat :'(

Monday, January 28, 2013


What makes you so beautiful is you don't know how beautiful you are to me,
You're not trying to be perfect,
Nobody's perfect but you are to me.

Nothing in the world compares,
To the feelings that we share :)

-Carly RJ & JB

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Phone sejuk?

A scene with le daddy.

Dad: Ni kenapa ada gambar telefon menggigil ni?
Me: Huh?
Dad: *Tunjuk his handphone*. Ni haa. Telefon sejuk ke apa?
Me: *Tengok my dad's phone*


Me: Ni gambar vibrate la abah! :D Hahaha.
Aina: Mentang2 baru balik Genting, phone pun kesejukan :P

Funny daddy is funny XD


Me, Aisyah & Liana :)

Last Saturday, my family and I went to Liana's sister's wedding reception at her place. It was beautiful, the pelamin was AWESOME! :D Congratulations Kak Husna!

And I got the chance to meet up with my ex-classmates. Betarians & Epsilonese! Met Kamal, Lee King, Reha, Tiha, Hannim, Abin, Aisyah, Ina, Nurin and Nafis. Nafis dah berisi. Seronok dia duduk Mesir. Future doctor, InsyaAllah.

All and all, I had fun :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

That guy in jersey

Mohd Syazwan Ghani

This guy is so full of surprises! He once appeared at my saloon, my house and my class. He's unpredictable, fun and joyful all at once :D I'm glad to be his'.


Fun-filled activity!

Last Friday evening, our classmates and I went for a friendly bowling match. It was a fun stress-reliever activity :) Here are some pictures!

Kelly, Me & Kak Pija 

Aina, Kelly, Me & Raz 

 Kelly & buah hatiku sorang ni :D

 Filzah, Didi, Diyana :)

Them girls :B Glad to see Zaza! 

Them guys :D 

Mine. All mine.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Extraordinary indeed!

Locked Out Of Heaven Mashup-Sam Tsui & Megan Nicole

Enjoy! :)

Nothing extraordinary

The greatest most amazing thing today is that our History Test was cancelled due to Maulidur Rasul talk! Woohooo! Didn't study at all. Thank God :D

The worst thing that occurred to me today was my car being blocked by a teacher's car and I had to wait ONE WHOLE HOUR until she moved her car -.-" I'm telling you, I am NOT gonna park my car inside my mum's school anymore.

Well yeah, to sum up it has been an average, ordinary day for me.

P/s Esok cuti weeee! :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

Psycho ?

A scene at the canteen.

Me: *squeeze in the crowd to buy some food.

Berdiri ler sebelah sorang budak lelaki ni. Form 3 mungkin.

Boy: Ni satu berapa?
Akak kantin: RM 1.20
Boy: Oh...


Boy: Kalau dua?
Akak kantin:....


Me: Kalau dua, RM 2.40.
Boy: *Hulur 3 keping duit RM 1* Ni cukup tak?
Me: Cukup lerrr, benda tu RM 2.40 je -.-
Boy: *bayar dkt akak kantin*
Akak kantin: *tanya dkt abg kantin* Dua ni berapa?


Budak tu dengan akak tu sama je -.-"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why oh why


P/s Esok sekolah. Haihhh.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New look!

As everyone can clearly see, I've changed my blog's background!

Simply because I got bored with the old one. Hope you guys love the new look as much as I do :D

Hihihi :3

Syazwan G :)

Syazwan = Afgan

When I first saw Wan (top picture), I immediately thought that he looked similar to Afghan (bottom picture)! Don't you think so? They look alike :D Both of them wear spectacles, both very tall, have almost the same hairstyle and have that awesome signature wide smile of theirs :) Weee! Celebrity look alike :D

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mohd Syazwan Ghani

Missing you gets easier each day. Because even though it's one day further from the day I last saw you. It's one day closer to the next time I will.


Life is a drama

LONG day today.

Pagi-pagi lagi dah ada first meeting for MPPPU's Bowling Club. Congratulations Izzat, our president :D Then, we proceeded with class. As soon as the third period teacher entered the class, an incident occurred. So, me and a few classmates had to bring our friend to the nearby clinic. Hope she's okay :/

Then, we got back into class and continued studying. Our teacher let us out quite late. The moment I put my plate of nasi lemak on the table at the canteen, the bell rang. Recess was over. NICE. And as if I have ever cared, I continued eating my brunch :D

Then Sejarah presentation by Medi. I loved her presentation. Finally I actually UNDERSTAND something. Haha! Thanks Medi (Y) Later on we had Econs. Mind-twisting. After that, we had PBS Pengajian Am. By that time I was already as sleepy as a snorlax. ZZZZ.

And just when I thought the sufferrings were over, we had the MPPPU meeting. It was a quick one, thank God. Went home a.s.a.p to my comfy bed and finally got a chance to nap.

P/s So basically today was a tiring day indeed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Together forever,
Never apart,
Maybe in distance,
But never in heart.


Cycle of tasks

Sorry I've been very busy lately. PBS, studies, presentations, homeworks. It's like a huge piano fell on top of my head. Valueable but I ain't know how to use it.

I can't wait to get this all done with.

Monday, January 14, 2013



Sunday, January 13, 2013


My mum changed my phone from postpaid to prepaid. Padan muka kitaaaa.

So, currently, SIM card belum activated lagi. Masih menunggu dengan penuh kesabaran untuk mendapatkan line.

P/s Miss him.

Macam2 hal

A scene at a food court in Putrajaya.

My brother was holding my sister by her shoulder.

Me: Woi, Aina is mine! *tarik Aina.
Bro: Dia adik abang. *tarik balik.
Me: Siapa yang mintak dia? Me!
Bro: Abang mintak adik jugak.
Me: Ko mintak aku.
Bro: Ye ah.
Me: Haa, ko mintak aku kan? Dah la, amik ah aku. *tarik Aina.

Aina: -.-" Seriously?

Hahaha berebut adik! XP

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Awesome awesome day !

Finally got the chance to meet up with my man, MSG! Celebrated his belated birthday by treating him for lunch at Ikea :)YUMMY! And had lots of fun watching the 6D movie :D 

Sweden Meatballs with Fries, Chicken Wings & Mushroom Soup

Mora here :B

This guy! :)

Toys shop. We will never grow up :D

Today had been amazing, spending time with you. It was perfect :) I couldn't imagine anything better. Thank you ^-^

Persaraan pengetua

So on last Friday, my school held a farewell celebration for our headmistress. Here are some pictures :D

Penyambut2 tetamu yg sangat anggun :')

Mesyuarat badminton, katanyaaa.

Clipping my hair because I can :D

Gorgeous upper sixers :*

Sambut pengetua macam nak gaduh -.-"

Kelly, Mora, Filzah :)

Antique car much? Kelass gituu~

Lily comel! :D

Google Map Shah Alam (Y)

Morazana :)

The gorgeous Elvi :3

Pengetua yg telah bersara.

Form 6 teachers (Y)

Mari mengecat

Mungkin dah agak lewat tp here are the pictures of the parking lot painting last Saturday :D

The girls opening a can of paint.

Izzat & Head of activity, Rifdi measuring the parking lots.

4 orang setiap line. Nampak tak efficient dia tu? :P

Kana's group ! Good job guys :)

Sementara tunggu hujan reda, kalahkan Azim in chess :P

That's me and my girl, Medi! :D

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Me love

When we were doing nothing, just staring into each other, I feel grateful that I have wonderful, loving, funny and protective man like you :)

Fun fun fun

A scene at Bilik Guru Form 6. The form 6 girls were told to masukkan telur rebus in the bunga telur.

I wont include their names in this conversation because of sensitive matters :P

A: Nak telur, bagi sini.
B: *tak dengar*
A: Nak telur, nak telur, nak telur.
B: Ohhhh *bagi a few telur*
B: Ish, kau ni kerja nak telur jeeee. Tak cukup2 ke? :P *double meaning*
A: Ala, bukan kau punya pun XD

Ni baru salah satu. Every conversation that involves the egg sounded very wrong and disturbing. And I was laughing hilariously throughout the whole bunga telur process. And that's why they thought I lost my mind :D Hahaha!

Melon milk?

Another scene at the canteen.

That time our recess already ended for about 5 minutes.

Logesh: Ala, tak remaja la naik kelas on time. Kita lepak2 dulu, minum Melon Milk (it was Malik's Melon Milk)


Logesh: Melon milk is?
Ben: Susu susu tembikai?
Isam: Susu tembikai susu!
Me: Susu tembikai susu.
Medi: Susu tembikai susu.
Malik: Susu tembikai susu.

Tak payah semua nak sebut sangat lah kan :P


A scene at the canteen. Was having light conversation while eating.

Me: Dia kacau I punya mental.
Ben: Haa? Menantu?
Me: Mental la Ben, jauh tu mental dgn menantu -.-
Una: Hari ni Ben ada masalah telinga sikit.
Ben: Hahaha :P

Then, Malik came to join us.

Medi: You're ruining my appetite.
Malik: Petai?
Ben: Welcome to the club.

Hypothesis is accepted. 6AAs are fun to hang out with!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013



You are finally 19 years old :D Hoorayyy cheers!

On this special day, I hope that you will have a great time eventhough you're miles away from home. May Allah bless you with good health, wealth and all the joys in the world. Enjoy being 19! Have a blast! :)

Lots of love,

Logesh Logesh -.-

A scene with Logesh in his class.

Medi: Eh, indians in this class ada 4 org je ke? Macam ada yg missing je?
Logesh: Roods.
Medi: Ohhhhh aah, Roods!

Logesh: Macam ada yg "MISSING" je? *looking at me*
Me: ...
Medi: Haa, hahahaha :P
Logesh: Ada yang "MISSING" je.
Me: Heyyyy, jahat la Logesh niiii!

Tiba-tiba Roods masuk class.

Logesh: Haaa, dah sampai pun Roods! Yang missing tu Roods, you fikir apa ni Mora? :P
Logesh: Nampak sangat asyik fikir yg di sana. Jangan fikir jauh2 Mora :P
Me: Eeeee korang niii *blushing*

Hahaha Logesh Logesh. Yesss~ :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Da fish?

A scene with brother in the car on our way to Giant.

Bro: Perempuan ni semua bdh. *tgh geram pasal awek*
Me: Oiiii, elok sikit.
Bro: Betul, termasuk yg dkt sebelah ni :P
Me: Kurang ajaq naa. Tak semua perempuan bdh tau.
Bro: Serious, semua perempuan bdh.
Me: Mungkin semua perempuan yg abg kenal je yg bdh.
Bro: Takde, semua sama lah.
Me: Abang kenal semua perempuan ke dalam dunia ni?
Bro: Tak.
Me: Haa kann. Mana tau yg abg tak kenal tu tak bdh.
Bro: Yang abg tak kenal tu, tak terserlah lagi kebdhan dia.

Me: Seriously? -.-"

Ye ah tu. Putar belit macam ular dah.

P/s wahai kaum Hawa, jgnlah terasa dgn abang saya tu ye :P Dia tgh marah time tu. Cakap main lepas je~ Girls are awesome! Weeee :D

Saturday, January 5, 2013

SG :)

I seriously miss this guy.

He's doing well there. Studying things he love. Meeting wonderful friends. Despite all of those, he always manage to make time for me :D Weeee! Both me and him are currently very busy with studies, but I am hoping to meet him real soon :)

P/s that jersey ;)

Bawang putih bawang merah sangat

Cat parking tu tak penat sangat tau sebenarnya. Yang lebih penat, cuci tangan dgn thinner.

My hands were COVERED (no joke) in road paint. I was super paranoid at first because I tried washing it and it didn't seem to come off :O Dah macam orang Digi. I will follow you~

Huge huge thanks to Filzah and Medina for giving me a manicure :P They cleaned my hands for almost half an hour with thinner. Terbakar kulit, merah-merah :( Nasib baik ler hilang jugak. Terbakar pun terbakar lah~

Thank you my ZaNa :D

P/s Had to clean the toilet floor! Using kain buruk! *muntah.

Paint all the parking lots!

Hari mengecat parkir sekolah!

Nampak tak bahasa baku dia? :P

We were given a project by the school which is painting and repainting the teacher's parking lot. Started at around 8 am, I was the leader of Group 1. Our task was to repaint the parking space in front of the office block. Had some problems here and there (they forgot to bring the measuring tape?!?!) thus delaying the whole measuring task.

Halfway through I had to drive down to the hardware store in Section 7 to buy more paints. Credits to Azim Izany aka Google Map Shah Alam (:P) for guiding us to the shop.

By the time it reached 2pm, Pn Shereen asked us to start cleaning up and put our tools away. When Amirah Ibrahim and I were wrapping the paint brushes, rollers and pans with newspapers, it started to rain HEAVILY. We can't just leave it there, so we had to shower in the pouring rain. Yayyy!

Reached home at 2.45pm :) Tired but accomplished!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mine, all mine

And I found mine.

How ever far you are, I always think of you all the time. And I am always there with you, in your heart.

My MSG :)


Really couldn't stop laughing during Sejarah class today.

Cikgu: Macam hippies.
Anis: Hipster!! :D
Cikgu: Haishhh, tu binatang!

Razny: Tu hamster cikgu!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Be joyful! :D


Ooooppsss, stailista gitu :P

Bak kata Razny, Quote Of The Day!


First day of school

Okay, the title's pretty clishay. I've seen that sentence everywhere and decided yeah, maybe I should jump into the bandwagon.

I don't know why but I find myself smiling when I saw something new on my blogger dashboard. RAZNY and MEDI UPDATED THEIR BLOGS. Weeee! Finally, I'm not the only one around here. Haha :P

So today, after assembly which was surprisingly very short, we got into our class. Nothing changed. The same class, the same teachers, the same classmates (although 7 of them moved out and 1 new student came in), the same subjects and the same books' publishers even (I know righttt).

Got to seat at the frontmost row with my dearest RAZANA (Y) And believe it because it's true, we were already given homeworks and assignments though we haven't even got our books yet. A W E S O M E M U CH ? And we had MPPPU meeting after school finished for the day.

Tired. But glad to be back :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie marathon

I watched 2 movies back to back on television today.

First was The Lost Valentine. Okay, I have NEVER cried so bad watching a movie before but this one just topped the list. It was about a couple separated by war. Her husband had to serve for the country. He was then reported missing during service. Her wife, Caroline, came by the train station on every Valentine's Day for 66 years since :')

She didn't gave up on love.

The second movie I watched was Shakespeare In Love. It was my second time watching it. I like it because of the way Shakespeare compliments Lady Viola. I had to really LISTEN to actually know what he was talking about. Haha!

"Her voice? I would scare away the nightingales if they tried to interrupt her singing."

"Her lips? The roses would die and fall to the ground if it ever could feel envy."


P/s Esok sekolah. Boo.