Friday, December 27, 2013

Lesson Learnt

If I ever fall in love again, I will make sure that he's someone who accepts me for who I am, maybe even compliment me sometimes or simply appreciate my efforts to try to look good.

Hopefully I'll find a guy who understands me, supports me in what I do, respect me and most importantly, an absolute gentleman. He doesn't have to be perfect, because I know I'm nothing close to that; just love me with all your heart and I shall do the same :) 

Good night!

Friendly reminder

Being a guy is being a gentlemen.

Well hello readers! It's currently 1:13 am where I'm at right now. And before I go to bed, I just wanted to share with you guys a little piece of my mind.

It may not be applicable to some people but I think what is dangerously lacking in men nowadays is the gentlemen attribute. Being a gentlemen is like the most natural thing that guys should own. During the earlier years, I used to believe that guys were born with it, something like common sense.

But towards this era, this common sense is no longer "common" in men. And it sucks. Big time.

Being a gentleman is more than holding the door at the cafe or opening the car door for your girlfriend. A real gentleman is one who respects women, never make fun of any women's physical appearance that apparently they cannot change and treat them as how you want your female relatives to be treated.

Easy huh? Then why aren't you guys doing it?

Friday, December 20, 2013



#freedom #atlast


Good night!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sekadar berpesan

Sebagai hamba Allah di muka bumi yang sementara ini, marilah kita sama-sama saling mengingatkan antara satu sama lain tentang tanggungjawab kita kepada Allah dengan mengajak kepada kebaikan dan meninggalkan kejahilan.

Tegurlah atas sebarang kekhilafan agar saya dapat terus memperbaiki diri sendiri.

Dunia ini pasti akan berakhir, terpulang kepada kita bagaimana kita mahukan pengakhiran itu nanti.

Semoga kita ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang yang beriman di sisi Allah, InsyaAllah mudah-mudahan.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


As you can see on the right sidebar, I've added another column entitled Tutor Service. Feel free to nudge me for any inquiries :)

P/s I may not have any qualification "rasmi", but I am offering this service to simply help my juniors excel in their upcoming exams. I was once in their shoes. Oh how I wish I had tutors to help me out during those days T_T Well, hope I can help!

Pp/s Although, obviously it's not free lah.

Haha ha ha..

Okay adios!

I feel you~

HAHAHA sarcasm at its best :p

Checkin' in

Whaddup everybodayy!

Esok cuti umum Selangor. Which means I don't have to go to work tomorrow :D Hooray!

So how are you guys doing? I'm sure you guys are enjoying this hols with tons of exciting activities. Me? Nothing new, really busy with work.

Will be going somewhere tomorrow for an event that could (hopefully, InsyaAllah) be a turning point in my life. Hoping for it to run smoothly, aminn. If you guys are lucky enough, maybe someday I will share the whole experience.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more! Good night :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My reviews

So, cuti2 ni I've watched a few great movies. Here are my reviews;

This movie is really interesting because it shows that love isn't about finding the perfect guy who pass all the criteria in your checklist. Instead, the perfect relationship is having two people who complete each other. This movie is not really heavy, thus it's perfect to watch if you just wanna chill and relax after a hard day at work/school :) Love the heroin, hero was fine and simple story line.

 This movie was recently aired on Diva Universal Channel. It has a superb story line. So they (pic above) were best friends since the age of 6. So she generously let him stay in her house after graduation until he (college dropout) got himself back on his feet again. 7 years later he was still staying at her place. He wasn't pleased when he got to know that she was proposed by her boyfriend. Until... he found out about a common law.
So, if you're curious of what happened next, you should definitely watch this movie. I love the hero, not so much on the heroin and overall story was awesome :D

 A Lot Like Love.
This movie is very deep. Some people might not like it because they couldn't understand it, but me personally, I find it really awesome! Well, considering the fact that I adore Ashton Kutcher, this movie was fantastic! Haha :P It was assembled according to chronology, thus you can see the changes they've been going through along the years. Nevertheless, Ashton remains really adorable ;)

Okay, so the poster might look like this is a very inappropriate movie, but believe me, it moved my heart so much and among all the movies that I've watched this week, this was the only one that I cried to. 

The title says it all, Blind Dating. So the main actor, Chris Pine, is a blind guy trying to find true love. Everybody around him told him that he's very good-looking, but he didn't seem to believe that they honestly thought so. He thought that they only said it out of sympathy due to him being visually impaired.

He took the risk to be the "lab-rat" to test this microchip that could make him see again. To know the rest, you'll have to watch it yourself :) Chris Pine is just too charming and adorable, I love love love him :DD
P/s the heroin is not even included in the movie poster hahaha odd..

Alright then, good night and happy holidays! :)

Enough said

Really bad

Whaddup peepss! It's your girl, Mora here to fulfill my promise "yesterday" (refer earlier post entitled Clumsayy).

So it is Thursday today! Alright, so as you guys already know, or you don't, I have started working part time at my former primary school bookshop since 2nd Dec. It's a 9am-3pm job every Monday to Saturday (yeap, SATURDAY guys) for this whole month of December. Basically, I sell books for the upcoming school session year, 2014.

Having no competitors at all which means working in a monopoly business for a very big and elite school is a tough job. I have worked there last December, and it was surprisingly really fun! And that is exactly why I wanted to take on the same job this year.

Let me tell you this, if it wasn't for the sake of me being productive rather than hibernating at home, I would've quit my part time job right now. Oh it's bad. Really bad.

No rest, no break, no lunch, 9 to 3 straight, lifting hundreds of books everyday, climbing mountains of books (literally), entertaining very demanding customer, having to deal with heartless manager and annoying colleague and making money more to the company rather than myself.

My body is aching really bad from the workload and of course from the incident where 2 levels of bookshelves (with +-50 books) fell perpendicularly on top of my head; and you know what, it has only been 3 days at work..

I took a leave today because I'm annoyed and exhausted. I'll be going back to work tomorrow. Wish me luck! And hopefully I'll get a better job in January.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I'm really worn out because of work so i will write more tomorrow okay? :)

Well it is currently 2.02 am, so technically it's already tomorrow lah. But to me, it's not yet tomorrow until I sleep and wake up :P Hoho. Okay guys, good night!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

You, yes you




Last Tuesday, I went to have lunch with the lovely bjrians; Abin, Hannim, Tiha, Kamal, Armand & Ah Keong. Carpool-ed with Ah Keong (thanks! :D) and had butter chicken with them at Gold Chili, Subang Jaya. It was yummaayy! Glad to catch up with them.

My Wednesday had been spent running errands and leisure time with the 2 of my all-time favorite ladies; my sister and Mummy :) Jalan2, window shopping, grocery shopping. Yg penting, we had such a great time together with lots of hilarious moments :P Girls power!

Looking forward for the days ahead. May it run smoothly as planned :)


BBQ at Reza's

Wahh ramai dah rakan-rakan blogger yg mula aktif. Daebak!

So let me update on my recent activities.

Alright, let's start with the BBQ party I attended last Monday. It was held by our juniors at Reza's house in conjunction with the ending of Sem 1 exam. Weee *applause* Tahniah! Anywaysss, it was a great party at an incredibly huge mansion. The food was great, hospitality was good and everybody was definitely entertained! Then bila dah malam ada sesi mencampak orang dalam swimming pool. Haha sabo je la. So saya pun beransur pulang lah :p lagipun tak elok balik lewat malam. After sending off Razny and Filzah to their respective homes, I drove straight to me casa (house).

 From left; Mira, Elvi, Anura, Husna, Kelly, Mora, Razny, Aina and Filzah. (And of course the boys are Reza's younger bros)

Bromance, swimming, nice dinner.

Pleasant night :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Family Gathering


Our family gathering today was great! 3 families je but it was fun indeed! Chill out at D'Muara Marine Park, Kuala Selangor. Setibanya di sana we had a lovely picnic :) Mee jawa, donuts, cakoi, pau, cake, rambutans and DURIANS! Haha memang favourite kitorang le. 

Air laut petang tadi agak surut, dah almost maghrib baru air pasang. Chalet betul2 depan laut so we got the chance to watch villagers kutip lala (sejenis hidupan akuatik :p) dkt tepi pantai. They literally sat on the beach and korek2 cari lala all evening. Dapat la jugak sebakul. Coolio!

Yang tak bestnya ramai mamat2 rempit. So faham2 lah kan...

Later at night we drove all the way to Tanjung Karang for our dinner at SATAY HUT. Meriah, ramai orang makan sana. And service sangat efficient. Tak sampai half an hour makanan dah sampai semua. So basically I had nasi putih with seafood tomyam, paprik ayam, ayam goreng kunyit and omelette. Other than that, we obviously also ordered satay. But it was no ordinary satay, it was TWICE the standard satay size. And it tasted really good! :)

Then we waved our good byes and went straight home.

All in all, I had a wonderful day with my big familia :) Good night!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Perfect day so far

So today, 23rd of Nov 2013, my evening brought me to a wedding reception at SS6 (near Paradigm Mall). A function made to celebrate the newly weds which in this particular case was my mum's workmate's son's wedding. Haa kau gituu. It was fun, the hall was very nice and the food was also very satisfying.

And then, later at night, we went to my youngest cousin, Shereen's birthday party at KFC Subang Parade. She's already 5! :D Weeeee congratulations! Long way to go kiddo :) Anyways, everyone was there; all 3 of my uncles, my aunts, my cousins, my cousins' cousins, their family and their friends. Despite the fact that my eardrum was about to explode due to the kids' screams and shouts, I enjoyed it very much.

Treated Ieka to a Chatime drink because that's the least I could do to congratulate her and as a farewell gift for her. She'll be going to a politeknik at Sabak Bernam two days from now. She will be busy and I will be busy as well. Hopefully we will get the chance to hang out again soon! Good luck over there, dear cous. I'll pray for your well beings always :)

The peak of my night was when I saw this one guy holding a little boy in his arms while I was getting some ice-cream at McD. Let me tell you this, I found my ideal guy! MasyaAllah, indahnya ciptaan Allah :) He had big eyes that looks as if he was wearing eyeliner around it, fair and smooth skin, tall (taller than me, at least), great sense of style and haircut that seems like he just walked out of a saloon, very slick and clean. And bonus, dingdingding! He's good with babies, skilled and warm and very lovely.

What more can a girl ask for?

Too good to be true.

Friday, November 22, 2013



Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers! :)

Yeap, it's been forever since I last updated my blog. And that is due to the final semester examination that I had to sit for. Alhamdulillah, I am done with STPM!

And this week I've been busy tutoring my classmates who are sitting for their repeat exam papers. 2 hours per day, 3 days in a row I've been at the library tutoring them. I'm done with that as well now. Good luck friends! :D Glad I could help :) Daebak!

Currently I am enjoying my freedom by doing house chores and helping my mum out at home. And I am slowly learning how to cook! :D From western dishes to pure Malay dishes, I am beginning to love cooking! Haha weird..

Oh yeah, I'll start working part time at skbj's bookshop again this December! Weeee :D I am really looking forward to it because I love human beings~ Haha. Mai ramai2 beli buku sekolah ye :)

Alright so that's all for now. I'll update again soon, hopefully. Take care!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Tore and torn

All of this is changing me. But I'm not quite sure if its towards the better or for worse. I'm afraid I'm never gonna be me anymore. I'm afraid I'm gonna give up. Give up life. Give up on love. Or worse, go back to steel, tissue and blood again.


P/s Losing weight. Consuming junks instead of real healthy food. Because who the heck cares.


You lied.

You told me I was gonna be okay.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Well, people always say, "Kalau tak suka tak payah baca."

Tak kira lah apa pun, blog ke, tweet ke, fb ke, whatsapp ke.

And to be honest, I kinda got annoyed by your style of writing.

Well I'm not asking you to stop. Keep doing whatever that makes you happy. Maybe that's your only medium to share your stories. Go ahead.

I just find myself not interested to read it. So I left :) No hard feelings alright?


P/s penat tengok hang meroyan.



Have you ever felt too hurt that no tears can be shed anymore? Painful. Cut too deep down.

I have no regrets. You were my first. First love. First heartbreak.

Now I'm just gonna leave. Because I believe you'll be perfectly fine without me standing in your way.

These wounds will heal eventually.

And I want you to be happy. I hope you'll find someone who can make you happy, unlike me.

Nothing like me.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yeah man


Being in Form 6 itself, even though baru sekejap, has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. Lessons to be used throughout my whole life.

  1. Not everybody is pleased with your success.
  2. People are constantly trying to bring other people down.
  3. Life is a competition.
  4. You won't always be appreciated for your deeds to others.
  5. Some people are just unworthy of your help.
  6. Some people needs to be slapped on the face by reality.
  7. You've got to work for your success.
  8. Attitude separates one successful person from another.
  9. Sometimes, you've gotta be selfish for your own good.
  10. Friends? Think again.
Thank you guys, for teaching me heck a lot :)

My Aidiladha

Assalamualaikum readers!

Okay I know I know, dah lama tak update blog. Sorrayy. I've been too busy enjoying life lately. Haha!


So, semalam raya korban. Tahun ni Mora tak diberi peluang untuk solat sunat aidiladha :'( Tapi takpe, all in all, it was still a wonderful day :D Went to Razny's house in Saujana Putra. Makan ketupat nasi dgn ayam goreng, sambal sotong and daging (Y) And melawat bilik Razny, purplelicious gitu! Kelas kau Razny :P

After that, I went direct to my nenek saudara's house in Putrajaya. Ramai relatives ada dkt sana, so sangat meriah :D Makan tak payah cerita la. Macam-macam ada. Laksa, lemang, kuey tiow, pelbagai jenis rendang (5 jenis rasanya :O) and snacks (oat crunch and biscotti!). Got the chance to see (finally see) Aunty Rina's daughter, MIA :D She's sooooo adorableeee :*

Later on, we went to Ieka's house in Putra Heights. My second home. Haha :P Suka hati je declare. Had mee kari and various desserts there. This house memang famous with their dessert corner. Jelly bandung, rainbow cake and carrot cake (made by Ieka herself), candies, biscuits and chocolates. Uh-Ma-Zinggg!

After that, balik rumah. Surprisingly balik quite early sbb esoknya (today) sekolah kan. Boooo!

P/s katanya ada test Pengajian Am hari ni, iyo lah sangat~

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Ieka


On this very special day of yours, I hope that God will bless you with lots and lots of good returns! Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki :)

Well, to be honest, you are indeed my favorite cousin. It's not that I am being unfair but what's there not to love about you? :D We have been through thick and thin together, cried together, laughed together, had so much fun by each other's company. You are a great listener, as you'd be the only person that I could actually tell absolutely EVERYTHING.

Dari kecik lagi, we played together. Barbie dolls, fashion boutiques, masak-masak, acting and so much more exciting games back then :') #throwback. Even now pun, we do loads of activities together; hang out, shopping, watch movies, skating, holidays, play board games oh good times :D You motivated me, helped me, encouraged me and never fail to make me laugh ^_^

Alhamdulillah, we finally got to go on a vacation together. Vietnam was wonderful on its own. But being with you and your family was what I treasured most. So many extraordinary memories haha and definitely hilarious times with you. Well, considering we were hotelmates kan. Haha XD

So these are some pictures of you :) Ada byk lg our pic together tp tak dpt dikongsi dkt sini sbb zaman2 tak bertudung lagi kan. Anyways, check it out :D

Gorgeous Ieka is gorgeous! 

Three of us :D

Ular tu pun pandai je posing ye :P

Love this pic! :D

All in all, you are not just my favorite cousin but you are also my bestest friend :)
Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh no

I shouldn't be this way. I shouldn't be in love. It's just wrong. It's too wrong.

He's taken. By that special someone who deserves him.

I never felt so happy and so sad at the same time before.

I'm holding on to the saying, "If it's meant to be, it will happen."

And trying my best to get him off my heart.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hello guys! Okay I am back from my vacation! Okay dah lama sebenarnya :P Today baru rajin nak update bloggie.

As a whole, my trip to Vietnam was wonderful! It was an amazing, fun, hilarious and incredible vacation ever! Vietnam is a SHOPPING HEAVEN! We definitely did shop till we drop :D Vietnam felt like home to me. Why? Because Vn shares the same weather as Malaysia, the same sawah padi view, the same busy roads, the same endless rows of shops and loads of malls. Well the people, they are not very warm and friendly but they are quite funny when it comes to bargaining and persuading. Food was simply amazing, no doubt. Two thumbs up for the amazing, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam (Y)(Y)

Alright check out some snapshots of my trip :) Okay so these pictures are basically the summary of my vacation ikut turutan perjalanan :D

In the sub at KLIA :)

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh through Vietnam Airlines

Checked in to our hotel and get settled into 4 separate rooms :)

Le daddy and our tour guide Abang Dollah :D

This was where we had dinner the first night.

Us with the owner of the restaurant, a Singaporean man (in white kemeja). Haha Mora siap di-request utk buat video promo restaurant ni dkt official instagram page the daun. Go check it out alright?

After dinner, terussss bershopping di pasar Ben Thanh. Best gila pasar ni (Y) Awesome stuff! Tak payah tukar duit sbb duit RM juga diterima di pasar ni :D

Hari ke-2. Wajah ceria semasa sarapan pagi di Warung 1Malaysia! Tak sangka ada warung 1M dkt Vietnam. Haha #bangga. Menu utama roti canai dan nasi lemak. Sedap!

Tiba di Sungai Mekong. Topi Vietnam wootwoot!

Sebelum naik bot sempat lagi bershopping T-shirts.

Di dalam bot menuju pulau sambil dgr explanation oleh tourguide di sini.

First stop setibanya di pulau, Honey Bee Farm! Dapat rasa madu asli dari sarang.

Then we were served with Vietnamese tea with lime and honey. Very nice indeed!

Got the chance to snap photos with a big snake for free :D Obviously I didn't. Haha.

Next stop was the Fruit Farm. We were served with various fruits; mata kucing, nangka, nenas, dragon fruit, mangga and limau bali. Buah dkt ladang ni manis. Terbaik (Y)

Sambil makan, kami dihiburkan dengan nyanyian oleh gadis2 Vietnam ini :)

The best part of the performance was that, this Vietnam lady knows how to sing a Malay song entitled Anak Kampung by Jimmy Palikat. Haa apa lagi, 3 jejaka ni pun join sekali la. Haha teramat meriah!

Diberi peluang cuba main instrumen classic Vietnam. Haa sudahh takda bunyi apa :P

After that, we got the chance to sing Row Row Row Your Boat in a sampan!

Tenang je lalu dekat Sungai Mekong ni. Air sungai nmpk mcm warna teh tarik tp ini bkn poluted tau. Ni sbb tanah lumpur yang sgt subur. Sungai ni lah yg mengairi seluruh tanaman padi di Vietnam. Awesome muchhh~

Lastly on this island, we went to see the traditional Coconut Candy Factory and dapat rasa gula2 kelapa. Sedap jugak, pekat dan lembik macam caramel. Lps tu, naik semula bot besar utk ke land semula sambil menikmati air kelapa fresh dari buahnya. Fuhhh (Y)

Bagai org mengantuk disorongkan bantal. Lunch time was heaven on earth. Habis licin. Masakan mmg cita rasa orang Malaysia punya. Kenyang dia MasyaAllah.

In Vietnam, majority of their people use motorcycle as their main and daily transportation. They are EXPERTS I'm telling ya. Kalau rasa dah lama hidup, cubalah menunggang di bandar HCMinh ni.

Outfit for the night. Coincidence matching dgn mama :D

Had dinner at a Briyani Restaurant. Crazy straw FTW!

Day 3- Had a Vietnam dish for breakfast. Tktau lah nama apa tp mcm nasi lemak dgn ayam tapi ada acar timun. Mmg suka la kann, semestinya.

After a long journey, we finally arrived at Cu Chi Tunnel. Dahsyat sejarah terowong tentera Vietkong ni. Haa pintu masuknya sekecil itu sahaja. Fuh mmg kecil tentera2 tu dulu. Senang cerita size XS dgn S je lah yg muat masuk.

Hari kitorg pegi tunnel tu hujan. Nampak banjir dia mcm mana. Haha mmg suka basah2 ni kan.

The actual and original kereta kebal.

Semua berbaju hujan belaka. Love them so much :* My family and pak long's family :3

Lepas keluar dari tunnel yg sempit (itupun dah diperbesar utk pelancong) dan mencuakkan tu, kami diberi makan ubi! Dapat merasakan sedikit sebanyak pengorbanan tentera dahulu.

Ubi takkan lengkap tanpa warm Vietnamese Tea.

Dlm kepenatan, singgah pula ke Russian Market to shop. Terus hilang penat :P Nampak tak permainan dia?

Then, we went to another market lagi. Tak ingat namanya apa. Tapi serious best shopping sini. Macam2 ada! Lelaki perempuan semua mmg seronok shopping.

Singgah ambil2 gambar di Hard Rock Cafe Vn.

Dinner at Saigon Green House. Best ^.^

Day 4 which was our last day in Vietnam.

Had this for breakfast! Ini namanya pho tapi sebutannya seriously tak mcm yg kita sangka. Percayalah. Haha. Ini lah mknn special di Vietnam. Dia mcm mi/bihun/kueyteow sup tapi lebih sedap dgn pelbagai ulam dan pelbagai sos. Oh rindu pho!

After breakfast, tak lepaskan peluang shopping di sini pula. Okay serious talk, this market is super GINORMOUS! At one point, all of us kinda got lost inside this place. Best shop sini cuma agak memaksa sedikit. Takut :O

Before heading to the airport, we had our last lunch in Saigon.

Then, we reached the airport and settled all the required procedures.

Me :)

Alhamdulillah, safely landed in KLIA without any delays.

I MISS VIETNAM ALREADY! It was truly a magnificent vacation :')