Sunday, December 9, 2012


He said my lasagna was delicious! He finished every last bit of it. I was so happy :')

Although today was our last time meeting each other before he leaves for Poly first thing tomorrow morning, I had a great great time with him :) Surely I will miss him so bad but it's for his future. Thus, I won't ever stop him :D


And after meeting him, my aunts, uncles and cousins came to my house for lunch! My dad brought home lots of durian of different grades. Thus, we invited them to come over and indulge it with us :D Well, like what they say, things are better when shared :) Played Twister with le little cousins. It was indeed twisted -.- Hahaha.

Then later at night, watched Malaysia vs Thailand football match with le daddy and sister. The game ended up with a tie of 1-1. They did a great job. Anyways, good luck in Bangkok, Harimau Malaya! :B

Switching to Channel 812 and started watching Manchester City vs Manchester United. It was an awesome match! Rooney scored 2 goals whereas Persie scored the final goal. Hence, Man United won by 3-2 to Man City. Poor Ferdinand, thrown coin (?) by M.City fan. Bleed his eyebrow. Fanatics -.-"