Sunday, December 2, 2012

Survey everybody!


Do you like someone?
Yes. Love him in fact.

If so, who?

Are you single?
No. Taken and happy :)

Who was the last person you texted?

Last person you kissed?
Mama :D

Are you still a virgin?
Err like yeah, obviously.

What does the very last message in your inbox say?
I stay surau until Isyak. Enjoy the movie and have fun! Lastly, drive safely :)

Who’s it from?
My boink boink

What’s your favorite kind of music?
I'm universal, seriously. I dont have any favourites.

What’s your favorite band?
All American Rejects/ MCR/ Paramore

Is there a certain song that means something to you? If so, what is it and why?
If you're not the one- Daniel Beddingfield. It's just beautiful :)

Are you comfortable with yourself?
Of course I am.

Are you awkward?
You tell me, mister survey.

Do you have any pets?
No. I used to though.

What’s your favorite candy?
Ahh, I can't just pick one T_T I love candies!

Tigers! Gorgeous (Y)

Ribena Lychee with soda

Me familia :*

Who last made you smile?
My brother. Perli kita you alls~

Does anyone under your contacts list have a heart beside their name? If so, who?
Nobody, surprisingly.

Does anyone like you?
Tanya dia ;)

Are you thinking about someone right now?
I'm thinking of him ALL the time.

Ever smoked?
Technically, nope.

Done drugs?
Except for the ones in my meds, no.

Had sex?


What color is your crush’s hair?
Black and shiny.

Black and twinkly.

I'm not quite sure. 175++cm perhaps? Most importantly, he's wayy taller than me. Haha.

What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
That depends. But in average, I can say 9.30am (when there's no school lah)

How late do you usually stay up at night?
2 am is my comfort zone.

Who was the last person you texted to before you went to bed last night?

Who is the last text in your inbox from?
Me love.