Saturday, December 1, 2012

Outings with the girls

So, last Friday, my girl friends and I went to I-City Water World. Oh how I missed Liana, Abin, Hannim and Aisyah so so much! I was so happy to finally meet them :D

Well, about the place, it was alright. But it's still new so there weren't many slides YET or maybe memang tak banyak (?) I'm not very sure. What we love the most was the TORNADO thingy. Haha. It was amazing! Superbly fun (Y) The only downside was, it was a really tiring journey up the never-ending stairs and it was super hot that our feet was practically BURNING! But the slide was awesome :)

From 10am to 2.30pm, we finally got out of there and went for lunch together at Big Brother Restaurant. The food was nice and the portion was really big. So by the end of our meal we were all as full as we could ever be. Then, my Syazwan came along and treated us to Tutti Fruiti! Yayy! :) Then, we went our separate ways home :D

Overall a wonderful day with my dearly-missed girls. Love you guys!