Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh crapp~

A scene in the elevator;

My sister and I got into the elevator. It was quite packed I shall say. I realized everyone was heading to the third floor.

Awkward silence~

Suddenly, *BOOM!!!*

The lift stopped at the first floor. But then, the door can't open. It was one third (1/3) opened but then it got stuck!

Random dude: Haaa, sudahh! Sat lagi keluar zombie pulak.

Me: *gulps* *OMG OMG PANIC ATTACK* (dalam hati la, muka control habis :P)

Random lady: *tekan emergency button*


Then, kira-kira 3 minit mencuba, barulah lift tu naik ke tingkat 2.

Me and my sis: Err jom keluar sini je lah.

HAHAHA :P Better not risk.