Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fever fever fever

Sorry for not updating anything yesterday. I was having a bad fever. But I insisted on going to work. And attended the meeting with Umi and Hana for the fundraising program afterwards.

As soon as I reached home, in the middle of the heavy rain, my fever turned REALLY BAD. I can't even walk properly, tears flow non-stop, I can't part with my blanket or bed and I lost my appetite.

I was shivering the whole night. After taking in some meds, I fell asleep.

Possible factors of my sudden fever are most probably;

1. I am too tired and lack good rest.
2. I miss him.
3. I lack heat due to no-rice December.

Therefore, right after posting this post, on the 17th day of my no-rice December diet, I will eat porridge and most probably even rice because if I don't, I'm not sure whether I can survive another day.

I made it until 17th day without rice ! :) That's an achievement enough for me.

Time to eat! :D