Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Well hello hello people!

Miss you guys! I am sorry I was too busy with life (?) that I didn't had the chance to update anything here. It's Christmas today. And a dude literally wished me Merry Christmas -.- Oookkaayy~ Nak wish tunggu raya la, aiyoo salah event lah.

Anywaysss, yesterday was I think by far, the toughest day at work. It was only me and Farihah (co-worker) on duty that day. 2 workers to run the busy bookshop?!?! DAFISH! We opened at 9 am and customers were already lining up. We didn't even had the chance to catch our breaths. Had to entertain customers NON-STOP (no joke about this) until it was 3.30pm. The bookshop was supposed to be closed at 2pm -.- For God's sake my shoulder was at the edge of breaking.

Thank God it's a public holiday today :D Stayed at home and rest as much as I could as for tomorrow, would be another day of work.

P/s dragging my sister to help us tomorrow. Weehee!